Monday, October 23, 2006

Eid Mubarak...

I was definately surprised when it was anounced the Eid is not today...
But here we are.. Ramdan is leaving us, and we will be celebrating Eid tomrrow.

May God acceppt our fasting, prayers and good deeds..

Happy Eid to you All.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

True Story: Where is the concious of our doctors?

Important Note: I am not mentioning any names as I don’t want to hurt the family of the man, they are suffering enough.. For any one of his family who is reading this, I deeply apologize if this hurts you in any way. I am just as sad and wounded as you are, and I thought that we should do something, at least object, on such irresponsible behaviors..

My classmate's father passed away last week. It was a car accident…
He and his relative were together when suddenly a car from the opposite side lands on them, of course it was due to the crazy speed the people in the other car drove, they jumped on the other side causing a deadly accident.

Car accidents are indeed tragedies, and are harvesting many souls.. I heard there are 225 people who died in Ramadan due to car accidents. But this is not what I wanted to share…

My friend's father was lucky, while his relative passed away on the spot. He was ok, and actually got out from the accident. He went to the hospital to be with his relative and finalize his papaers... While he was at the hospital, he felt something is wrong. Being a doctor, he knew what it was. So he approached the doctor there telling him that he is having blood accumulating in his head, and he needs a surgery to get this blood out of his head. The doctor, ignorant enough, told him he is all right, and nothing is wrong with him. The man insisted telling him that he is a doctor and he knows there is a bleeding in his head, blood is accumulating and it needs to be out now. But the doctor still did not care and reiterated that the man was fine.

So he left the hospital to go to another one seeking medical help, and passed away on his way….

What kind of hospitals we have? What kind of doctors are we putting our lives in their hands? Shouldn't the doctor be a bit more responsible?

I really don’t know what to say.. It just made me shiver for hours after I heard the story… I am wondering, how does that doctor feel now? After the man died because of his ignorance?

Were there any actions taken by the responsible parties to punish this doctor? or at least investigae what happened? I wonder...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

JP's Iftar! Enjoy

I'm goona miss today's Iftar!

As much as I was looking forward to it, but I'm not gonna be able to make it.
I had a very hectic week. Yesterday and the day before I was stuck with activities with my company till around midnight, and today I can't think of anything but bed.

I hope I will be able to catch the next meeting, (if I am not in KSA already).

And to all Bloggers, I am still looking forward to meeting you all someday!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ramadan's Fault

I had studied engineering for five years, but seems that those were lost years of my life as they don't seem to help me! I feel I am confused about calculating the real distances between countries.

Here I am in KSA 14000 Km away from home, but surprisingly enough I can't take this trip back home, and guess what! It's not because I am sick, it's not because I can't take it, and it's not because I don't want to, It's simply because I haven't finish my papers here.

Today I can feel my self so far away from home; I can simply sense the feeling of being in jail and believe me it's not a nice feeling at all.

But whose fault is this? It's not mine for sure, nor is it the company I work in, according to the KSA Standards it is : Ramadan's Fault!!

Of course I refused to believe that this lovely month can create such a disaster in my life, nevertheless what if you need to finish your papers in a country that treat this month as a "handicapped" month, why?

1- Government employees get to work at 12 Midday and leave at 1:15 pm! (This is the real work time not the published). Of course they take 45 minutes before the time of praying and another 45 minutes after it ".
2- They only work until the 18th of this month; the rest is a vocation, to make them feel the holy month and practice Islam, otherwise they will get back to worshipping stones!!
3- Ramadan is only for praying, because it's hard to pray and work at the same time, either this or that. So every one you ask about your papers will simply remind you that this Ramadan, "go and pray bro, its better than your papers" (They made me feel that they only Pray in Ramadan )
4- Most of the important employees in the government take half of the month as a vocation, some of it to do Omra and the rest at the beaches of Dubai to forget about this hard month. (of course those are the people I need their signature, lucky me)"

So as you all can see, here in KSA it's the fault of Ramadan if your life is stopped for 35 days, why? because as you can feel here they notice Islam only a couple of days before Ramdan, the rest of the years its for TV , and tourism and show off in other countries.

Please forgive us God for the silly way some people around us treat Ramadan. And dear Ramadan, I will always love you the way I do. It's just that those people didn't get the message, I don't know maybe not working in Ramadan is better for them, because I am afraid if they do they will get " Hubal" back to Makka!!!