Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Reem - Say something!

I thought coming to live in KSA would give me all the time and the motive to blog more. Changing towns, exploring the new city and culture, and being semi-jobless!

But it didn't happen! Have you ever heard anyone saying that when you are busy and have a full schedule you actually do more? That is absolutely true! In my case, at least!

I am leading a lazy life. Yet I am loving it. If anyone knows about my sleeping addiction, it wouldn't be at all strange, and if you know a bit more about me and know how much I love eating…. It's all explained why I love Riyadh (let's not mention the dark side, weight!) Well honestly, shopping as well makes it so enjoyable!
I think this lazy life is contagious. I am having a lazy mind as well. So I am keeping my mental activity to its minimum – No blogging! Bad! But at least, some reading is there!

I discovered a bit more about myself lately. I am a lazy housewife, and a bad cook. However, I am not so naggy (is that the right word? it does not look like it, the red line is flashing here) and easy-going person.

So it's been almost 6 months now. And I am not yet bored from Riyadh. I actually like how much it got me closer to Sari, and how much quality time we spend together (and quantity as well, there is no one after all!). I think Saudi is a great start for newlyweds, it is the case if you start your life anywhere other than your hometown, but Saudi has an extra advantage, you have absolutely nothing to do but spend time with your spouse, even if you are doing grocery shopping.

Speaking of shopping- I love it here. Sales are always there, almost every time of the year!! At this particular time, it's the best, 50-70% off everything! I thought that in sale I wouldn't really find nice good stuff – all would be gone. But I was very mistaken. I have a new digital camera now. I love it. I should be posting more pictures.

Speaking of which, I have a story that I will die to share!
Before I went to Amman, I bought my nieces some clothes. It was on sale -50% off - because that was the old spring collection and they were just putting up the new collection. Cool!
It happened that I bought a skirt for Judy, but couldn't find her size for the blouse matching. So in Amman, almost two months later, I happened to pass by the same shop and find it has 30-70% discount. Cool, I thought. I can get the blouse.
- Hello, How much are these discounted?
- Hello Madam, well, these are only on 30% discount, just "dyafeh" for our customers. Because these are the newest collection this year!!!!!