Monday, June 26, 2006

Soo,,, 9 dasy to go!!

Now that is so near! But you know? I still can't understand it! I feel like its still couple of months to go! But I actually started running after the 98742 things I have to take care of before the wedding! The zafeh, flowers, DJ, Photography, Video, the car, my dress! And there is my shower party too! Then my home!! That is giving me a headache!
Oooh and I forgot the honeymoon!

I am supposed to start my vacation next Sunday. But my beloved company agreed to give me off after lunch break this whole week! I am so happy about it, I love them!! They as well give one week marriage vacation!! nice ha?

What else? My sister came from Dubai on Friday, she kept me up yesterday till 2:30 a.m!!

Ooh I am supposed to get my dress today, wish me luck!!

Anyway, I have to run, I am going to irbid with my manager! Ciao!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Seeking HTML help!

I am trying to add a picture on the blog headder. I have been playing around the HTML template but couldn't do it. Can anyone help?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Are you a rabit?

Sari tends to be so gentle and caring. So he really cares about what I tell him to do or not to do, he takes my opinion into consideration, he tries his best to make me happy. And when we are out with friends, he looks after me to make sure everything is just fine with me.

This is so lovely. What is not lovely is the way people look at this kind of relationship between any couple and interpret it into the man being "arnab" and "ma7koom". Something that would mean that the man has no personality, afraid from his wife and so he pretends to be loving and caring, and has no control whatsoever over anything in their relation. In short, he is just a follower!

I know I know it is just a joke! It's not about me personally. It's the joke around all men getting engaged and married. One famous faces of this joke is the very well known "position" given to wives; "Wazaret il da7'lieh" (Minster of internal affairs). Again indicating that women are the cruel rulers of the house, and men are just "poor, helpless" obedients who have no choice! Does this make the man "Wazeer il malieh" (Minster of finance)??

Now allow me to say this: I HATE THIS JOKE! And I get really annoyed when someone says such things to Sari (and me of course)… why?

1- I feel it is so intrusive from people to allow themselves to judge our relationship like that. They do not have the right to do, and they do not even know the truth about our relationship.

2- I feel it underestimates and disrespect our relationship. It puts it in a small shell, makes it look vague and meaningless and makes it look like there is nothing in relationship other than who is controlling who.

Apart from the personal part of it, I wonder why is that joke so common although its untrue in 95% of the cases?

Put aside the exceptional 5% of unhealthy relationships in which the above mentioned words apply, it's totally untrue and unreal. We, women, do not control men. Neither do they. They are not "araneb". Or is it just unacceptable to see a man who loves his wife, takes care of her, and considers her opinion? Does it make a man loose his manhood being kind to his wife? Is it that odd to see a couple "sharing" their life rather than "controlling" each other?

I think it's not just a joke, I think it's the resistance of change. After we have been in times where wives and daughters had no right to say anything but "Yes sir, you order", where they have been abused and mistreated, we are now changing to the better, where wives are not just followers, where their opinion counts, where they are no longer treated as a property of the man who married them, but rather partners. Such jokes are a form of the resistance to this change, which takes away the "authority" of men over their wives.

The good thing about is that having this resistance means we actually succeeded to change. Resitance in all forms will always be there, and change will always continue to happen...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jordan planet, FINALLY

Soo.... After 34 days of blogging!! I'm finally on Jordan planet!!

I am happy and excited about it :) I will seize this chance to thank whoeever is in charge of this lovely website!! Thanks and Keep up the nice work!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The world cup and me!!!

Sari: "Let's go back home to watch the game Reem. Please!"
Reem: "No Sari. No way I am going to spend 2 hours watching a football game. I don't like football, and I understand nothing of it."
Sari: "Come on… Please. Maybe you will like it. It's Saudi and Tunis today".
Reem: "No. Listen, go by yourself and enjoy it. I will find something else to do."
Sari: " Noo please come watch it with me, I don't want to watch it alone."
Reem: " Ok, ok. But under one condition!! We will go to some coffee shop to watch it. It would be more fun for me."

And so that was the compromise! We watch the game but in a coffee shop! So I called up a friend and asked her where we can go, and ended up in "le mondial café" – Abdoun. They charge entrance fees 3 JDs per person!

Well, I have to admit it was nice and funny. I didn’t know who should I support. Sari supported Tunis, so I thought I will support Saudi then!! The atmosphere was nice, lots of people who are soo anxious for their teams to win.. and seems it's contagious. I found myself jumping and shouting when Saudi scored their goals!

So yesterday was a day to remember…For the first time in my life I watch a football game, support a team, jump and shout for them!!! I actually enjoyed it! Seems that football is not as bad as I thought it is! The only unfortunate thing was is that I didn’t have my digital camera :( it is with my sister in Egypt. I will post some picture of her trip when she is back!

So who is playing today??

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jordan Telecom – The directory Services

"Jordan Telecom welcomes you. This call is charged for three and half piasters from fixed telephones. This call will be recorded for quality assurance."

I felt really bad when I knew they started to charge for calling the directory. I read the comments of the CEO of Jordan telecom and wasn't really convinced. That is a service that should be given for free for subscribers as we all ready pay JT enough through our bills, tax and subscription fees. If such services are charged, then what does the subscription fees cover?

What reminded me of this topic now? It is not that I woke up late on what is happening in the country. It is because it happened that I needed to call the 1212 a couple of times today to get a couple of numbers. And none was right. It's either they give me the fax of the place I called, a branch I don’t need, a wrong number, out of service number, or they don’t have the contact I am looking for in the first place.

So I end up having to call them twice or three times to get the right contact, and of course they are charging me for every single call I make, although it was the mistake of their agent to give me the fax or the wrong number or whatsoever…

If they decide to charge me for calling them, which is unacceptable in the first place, they should at least make sure that they would actually serve me when I call them. I don't understand it when their agent tells me that they don’t have the number, or that’s the only number registered in the database. They need to update their database to include every single contact in the kingdom, make sure they don’t give out wrong contacts, and make sure I wouldn’t have to call them 3 times and be charged for each to get one contact. Only then, they might consider charging people for those calls.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I feel I have to write something for my beloved blog. I don't really have a special topic to talk about, but I will just share my feelings at the moment.

I woke up today with a strange mood.. unhappy one unfortunately. There is no reason I should be, everything is going alright, thank God. Well, maybe it's because I'm gaining too much weight and can't manage to loose any? any suggesstions for quick weight loss before my wedding?

I feel neutral about everything happening around. I didn't have any feelings whatsoever towards the death of Zarqawi.. I didn't know if it was good or bad, I honestly have little faith in all kinds of media. Was he really a terrorist? Wasn't he pushed by some other third party to do such terrorist acts and then blame Arabs and muslims? I am not standing by Zarqawi or by acts he did, I felt really furuios for what happaned in our beloved Amman last november, but isn't Israel practicing terrosrism in it's worst shapes in palestine, and so are american soldiers in Iraq? Why are they celebrating his death as if he was the only terrorist on earth and world will be a heaven after he was killed? I think we still have a long long way to go before we celebrate a war-free, terrorism-free, peaceful world....

Anyway, I hate politics, I hate to talk about it. And I seem to understand nothing about it in the first place, so I would better not talk about it anyway!!

My mind is really blank at the moment. I don't have to tell you that I'm sleepy ofcourse!! Still 3 hours to go before the end of this day...

Q: Do I seem to be like an unpleasant person?

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Joud is my niece. She is 5 years old, and just "graduated" from KG2!!

And guess what, she said the graduates speech!! One of the sentences she said was:

في السنة القادمة سنذهب إلى الصف الأول لنكمل تعليمنا بروح معنوية عالية

That is:" Next year we will be in the first grade where we will pursue our education with high morals"

It is funny how she was saying such things she doesn’t understand at all.

Anyway I just want to share some pictures of her!!

Performing "Laila And the Wolf"! She is the brown Wolf!!


Saying the Speech

Waiving to her mother!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Strangers in Our Wedding

Yes it's true; there are strangers in our weeding; people that we don’t know. But guess what? There is always a reason for that and there is always someone that can justify such phenomenon
What is really bothers me is this:

My grandmothers (Allah yer7mhom) control 80% of my wedding list; well, if one of my grandmothers is to be married next month she only needs to change the directions of the cars to her home; I know that they will be more than satisfied with the wedding list and they will be very delighted seeing their best relatives around.

ReemO has already talked about this topic in a previous post from a different angle. For me, what I'm concerned about now is not the invitations (I think I am now used to pay for everything, so this won't make a difference ) what really concerns me is this:

How am I going to tell who are these people in my weeding, would I be able to distinguish if they are intruders on my weeding or some invitees I haven't seen for ages, or maybe never??

What about names or at least the roots we have!!! How can I tell???

Would they even try to participate in our weeding?

Are those people attending to celebrate with us or are just there to get more topics to gossip about the week after?

I don’t know! Anyway I can do nothing about it; I can only hope that they deserve the effort we are investing!!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006


Alright! I have to admit it now. I am starting to panic!

I have my own way of calculating days, I actually calculate weekends because it's only on weekends that I can work on the nitty gritty things, as during the week there isn't really much time after work. So, there are only 4 weekends left!

My sister arrives on the 23rd. My brothers on the 30th!!

I still have many things to work on. I didn't yet figure about the honey moon. Cards are not ready yet, and we have to go arrange with the flowers guy, DJ, photography, zafeh and hotel! And of course there are couple of things I need to buy!! Ooohh, not to mention my dress and the veil, that's a headache!!!!

And there is my home! It's soo dirty,, dust is everywhere. I have to find a day to go and clean it! And we have to make it's all ready for human use. The refrigerator, the washing machine, the oven!! This is Sari's job! Did I tell you that I actually tried to clean a bit over the weekend? I think it's a bit better, but there is still a lond way to go!!

And guess what, I will have to remove my wisdom teeth!! I am not yet sure of the date, but it should be ASAP, maybe late this week or early next week! Tell you a secret? I am afraid to death!!

I'm sleepy, as always! And Hungry!!

My camera doesn't work! well, not exactly, something is wrong with the batteries they don't recharge. I dont know if it's the batteries or the charger. Anyone knows where can I fix it?