Thursday, July 27, 2006

Malaysia, Truly Asia.

I'm back.. Long time no see my friends!!

As you all know, my wedding was on the 6th of July. So I have been away from work, internet and eveything that connects me to my daily normal world for more than three weeks, I have dozens of stories to tell you about. The wedding, marriage life and events that took place over the last month... Where shall I start??

Honestly, I was very hesitant to post this now. I feel very bad for what is happeneing is Gaza and Lebanon. It really hurts.. I don't want to speak any politics, or make any situation analysis.. I just need to say how bad I feel about what is going on there...

Anyway, I decided to go on and tell you about this unique period of my life.. Sorry for the inconvenince of time.

Those three weeks were amazing, time you steal away from everything and run away somewhere very far away to enjoy nature and peace of mind.. I feel so fresh after coming back to work from my vacation.. It was just perfect..

Well,, as the title tells, this article is dedicated to tell you about my honeymoon in Malaysia. Malysia is really a piece of heaven, I can't describe how beautiful it is, and how cheap as well!!! I spent the best time of my life there.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, I wouldn't do much of the speaking, I will leave it to photos. Enjoy!!

Malaysia Twin Towers.

King's Palace!! You can pass by it, take photos and say hi to the soldiers there!!

Yummy, Chinese and Japanese food. I love Sea Food!

Taman Sari!! The resraurant's name at our Hotel in Kuala Lumper!!

Amazing nature they have, I have never seen such green lands, It is really a peice of heaven, Sub7an Allah.

In "Butterfly Farm", Penang, Malaysia. Somewhere you can see all kinds of beatiful butterflies flying around you peacefully..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

To my parents... With love....

25 years are coming to an end... I will be leaving the house I grew in, the house which embrassed me and my childhood, the house which witnessed all the events and acheivments of my life....

I have been thinking of those years for the last couple of weeks, it all passed by my mind like a tape.. My parents next to me all through the way, surrounding me with love and care.. protecting me from all that might hurt me, and from myself above all...

And Suddenly you regret every moment you spent away from them, busy with your freinds... you regret everything you did that they didn''t like, and then discover how selfish you were proiritizing everything else first...

Mum and Dad... I love you so much.. you are the reason I am everything I am.. I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't all for your love, care and support...

Now that I am leaving your home,, the paradise you made for us.. I can't find words that can adequatly express my feelings.. I wish I spent more time with you.. I wish I never made you upset... I wish I wasn't all busy that days passed without spending a minute with you...

Now that I am leaving your home.. I wish you forgive me for anything irresponsible I did.. I want you to know that the years I spent in our house was the best in my life... I love you soooo much, and I will be forever unable to thank you or pay you back one thenth of what you gave me...

I never thought it would be this hard.. Whenever I thought of my marriage I always thought of the white dress, the happiness that day, but never really thought of this feeling I am having.. I wish I never leave you.. But I think there is no way out of it.. Life goes on, and the day will come when we will have to leave your lovely nest and try to make our own.. I promise you I will be up to your expectations, I will try to raise my children the way you raised us, though I can be up to your level.. But I will instill in them he belief in God, the respect for oneself and other, I will teach them every valuable lesson you taught me...

Mum and Dad, I am very proud to be your daughter.. You are the best of the best... I will always look up for you both... Mum and Dad: I LOVE YOU.

I know you might never read this, but I will always pray for you, ask God to protect you and grant you heaven....God Bless you...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Wish us luck

Dear all; today am posting to thank you all for your efforts and lovely comments you had left on our page; it was very generous and helpful for both of us "me and reemo"

I won't say that I had a lot of posts here; but be sure that I had visited every single user passed by our page since we had created it.

What we had learned from this experience isn’t something to do with wedding or procedures; in fact it has to do with creating a very huge family and very close friends at the same time (I wish all of you can feel that too).

You had touched me with every single visit to our page; I was very glade to feel the smile on your faces; but most of all I was very proud to pronounce your care through your comments.

Thank you all for everything, and dont forget to wish us luck

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lost in feelings

I haven't been able to write for so long! And now I'm stealing a moment to write this! It's strnage how I miss the blog and blogosphere, and how I got addicted to it in less than three months!

Plenty is going on my head, many things I have to do and follow up on. Tomorrow is my shower party, and I will be going in an hour or so to check on the DJ!!

My weekend have been so hectic, my brother arrived on friday.. I started packing and will be moving my stuff to my home today!!!

What else? I feel I am soo busy minded, I no longer can sleep well!! That is the pre-marriage syndrome, isn't it?!!

I have many many strange feelings about it.. starting my own life, leaving my parents house... I sometimes feel I lost the enthusiasm in all this hassle of feelings!!

Anyway, you really have to excuse me... I have to run try finish some of the things on my list. Wish me luck...