Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogger VS. Wordpress

I thought of moving my blog to wordpress..
But Word press importer doesn't work with the new blogger :(

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The farce of Arabs and Muslims..

So now Hamas and Fateh are killing each other and fighting over sovereignty. Palestine is no longer occupied; Israelis are not killing and humiliating our people. Peace is all around. We are done with all our external problems and so we are ready to start fighting between each other.

Wake up, please wake up.. you are supposed to be fighting for liberating Palestine. Why do you forget your original mission and get busy with minor issues? Why don't you get done with the Palestinian- Israeli conflict then start fighting over who will run the country? And what kind of sovereignty that is under occupation that you are killing each other for? Fight over it when it is worth it,, there is no true sovereignty under occupation!

I'm so disappointed. Not that I haven’t been for ever.. And it's not only Hamas and Fateh, all Arabs and Muslims are disappointing.. Sunnis are killing Shiites, Lebanese are fighting among each other.. Muslims are struggling amongst each other.. What happened to you people in charge? Can't you see that you are more than satisfying your enemy this way? Can't you see who your real enemy is in the first place? Haven't you ever heard of the famous "divide and conquer" principle?
Please, let's get American's out of Iraq, let's liberate Palestine, and let's make sure Israel doesn’t attack Lebanon... And then we can start resolving our internal conflicts.

The problem is that I am sure they know they shouldn't get into civil wars because this is exactly what Amreica and Isael want. Such people are clever, they wouldn't miss such a point.. it's the hidden agenda's…

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sports In Jordan

I was really proud when Fastlink basketball team won Asia cup last year, it was maybe the first time Jordan wins cup over so many good competitors.. I know we won a cup in some Arabic football tournament… But I still thought it was a great Achievement.

However, I was really disappointed yesterday as I walked in Prince Hamza court to watch a basketball game. It was almost empty.. I wondered why.. The ticket is really cheap – 1 JD- affordable by most I would say.

Was it lack of advertising for such activities? Or is it little awareness from people’s side?

I think it was both, along with the minimal interest in sports we have in our society. (Put aside the world cup!)

As I was watching the game, I was thinking more and more about it. Wouldn’t this be a better activity for youth to do than sitting in coffee shops having “argeeleh”??

One thing made me really smile. A man in his late forties accompanied his 5-year-old son to watch the game. All through the game he was talking to his son about how he can join his school’s team and maybe later some professional club where he practice and become a good player. Then after the game finished, they decided to stay to watch the one coming next!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday I went with my mum to the downtown. I wanted to buy some wool to knit a scraf! Yes, me, Knitting!!

We ended up in adventure. As we passed by Hashem, the smell of the Flafel was irresistable. So my mum give me that look and said: "Wanna eat Sandwich Flafel??" and of course I said yes!! I can't say no to 2 things: Food and sleep!!!

So we went there and order some sandwiches and some Flafel "fare6"! As we walked away my mum asked me: "Were are we going to eat them?" So we ended up sitting on a table in the middle of Hashem's small corridor!! Then ordering tea with mint!!

Ofcourse we were the only women! So full of myself, I took my mobile out and started taking pictures, while everybody around was looking at me with shock! and to make it better my mother asked the guy working there: "Where did you seat his majesty the king when he came??"

The pictures are not so clear, my hand was shaking! I wasn't too comfortable taking pictures while everybody around me is staring at me!! I will publish them anyhow!

After we ate the delicious Flafel, we proceeded to buy my wool.. Later in the night, my mum was checking her email on the laptop and reading blogs here and there, and I sat next to her knitting!! I thought that was ironical!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A reflective look on my blog.

For the last couple of days I have been constantly thinking of my blog, its layout and its content. And I decided that it’s not up to what I want it to be. For the time being, I am the least concerned about the layout. I will find sometime when I am in the mood to play around the template or even moving the blog to somewhere else.

I’m constantly thinking of the content I post on the blog. I came to note that it’s more of journal of personal updates, which is not really bad. But I would like to write more about my thoughts and opinions about every aspect of the world. Many times I encountered issued or situations I wanted to share but for some reason I didn’t. I should have a more critical eye on my daily life.

For some period of time, having a huge number of visitors and comments was my main concern. Now I look at my blog from a different angle. I still want my voice to be heard and commented on. However, when I looked back and went through all the posts I have written, I felt that my blog is a perfect documentation tool for my life. It’s like I am keeping a diary for myself (I always wanted to do, but never really did). It was good reading what I thought about certain issues and how I felt at different occasions. I discovered that I forgot how I felt at certain occasions and it was nice to find something to remind me. I realized as well that our way of thinking changes and evolves over time. It’s good to have something documented to help us track it.

Another concern I had while thinking about this was my style of writing. I don’t like it. I don’t feel I am expressing myself the way I want to do. I don’t feel I’m navigating about the subject I want to discuss the right way. I think I need to concentrate more when I write. I tend to write my posts quickly without much concentration and I publish them without sleeping on them.

Yet another concern is the language. I only write in English. I would like to start writing in Arabic as well. I love Arabic and I express myself better using my mother tongue. Some subjects are meant to be written in Arabic. My problem here is the lack of Arabic typing skills. The first step is practicing Arabic typing.

So, I have so much to work on.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

فليقل خيراً أو ليسكت

People tend to give negative feed back on whatever you are planning to do. If you are planning to get married, they will tell you that you are very late in arrangements. They will tell you how hard and unhappy your life will be one the honey moon finishes.

About our plans to move to KSA, they can't stop convincing me how hard it's going be to live there. How boring, reminding me that I can't drive and assuring me I won't find a job.

In the process of finishing my papers to move there, they keep putting me down telling me that it will take very long time. Narrating stories of people who stayed apart foe years!!! Before EID, they assured me that there is NO WAY that Sari can get his papers done to come!!!

Why do people like to close doors in your face?
Why do they try so hard to kill every hope you have?
Haven't they heard our beloved prophet saying: "فليقل خيراً أو ليسكت"??
Why do they look to the empty half of the glass?

The problem is, they talk to you as if they know your stuff better than they do!
If I see anyone who has lived in KSA 15 years ago, they will act as if I know nothing about my own issue or about rules and they are the only ones who know!! I haven't asked them for their opinion in the first place!

Why are people so negative? Why do they interfere so much? Why do they assume that you are an idiot who can't plan his life without their intrusive input?

I'm not going to listen to any of them. I will actually tell them they are wrong, I will tell them they don't know better than I do. And I will tell them either to say something good or shut-up. I don't want to hear any depressing opinions!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Use the pedestrians' bridge, PLEASE.

I hate the law that states that it’s always the driver's fault to hit any pedestrian. It's unfair. It shouldn't be fore granted. The accident should be investigated and then decided upon.

Some drivers are extremely crazy and do not abide by any rules, they speed and they don't allow pedestrians to cross at the zebra crossing so they deserve to be punished.

But what about ignorant pedestrians who cross from places they shouldn't? What about those who cross a main street with continuous flow of cars right beneath the pedestrian's bridge? Shouldn't they get punished for causing themselves and others troubles? Shouldn't they be aware of their own safety?

I faced this problem myself a couple of times in the main street of Safeway – Shmeesani. Where a new bridge was installed to deal with the heavy traffic a couple of years ago. Being aware of how dangerous that street is for pedestrians, the government built a pedestrians' bridge. People are too lazy to go up the bridge to cross and so they cross between the cars. Sometimes drivers do not see them, other times it's too hard to stop when you are in fast moving street, even if you managed to stop, the car behind you will hit into your car!

Why do they do this? Are they sure they are not going to get themselves in a terrible accident? Do they rely on the law to punish the driver? What about their own safety?

The law should be adjusted to hold pedestrians responsible for such acts. And a new law should be stated that impose a fine on them.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Jordan planet hibernates!!

JP blog said that it will keep a page linking to all blogs in JP for some time, to make sure that readers can still reach blogs. But when I checked it, I didn’t find any updates after the 27th of Dec. 2006
How am I supposed to follow up on my favourite blogs? So far, I find Qwaider planet the perfect solution!

It’s been a long time since I last connected to the internet (I say this sentence so frequently!!). But this time it was a very pleasant time off. So, lets start from the very beginning!

Happy Eid. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you all.

I have to thank God. I actually can’t find words. Sari Came and spent Eid here. And this was why I disappeared. And you know what? It was definitely worth it!!

Sari is on his way to KSA now. He left today at 11:00 a.m by bus :( because we couldn’t find a booking! Wish Him a safe journey...