Sunday, January 28, 2007

The farce of Arabs and Muslims..

So now Hamas and Fateh are killing each other and fighting over sovereignty. Palestine is no longer occupied; Israelis are not killing and humiliating our people. Peace is all around. We are done with all our external problems and so we are ready to start fighting between each other.

Wake up, please wake up.. you are supposed to be fighting for liberating Palestine. Why do you forget your original mission and get busy with minor issues? Why don't you get done with the Palestinian- Israeli conflict then start fighting over who will run the country? And what kind of sovereignty that is under occupation that you are killing each other for? Fight over it when it is worth it,, there is no true sovereignty under occupation!

I'm so disappointed. Not that I haven’t been for ever.. And it's not only Hamas and Fateh, all Arabs and Muslims are disappointing.. Sunnis are killing Shiites, Lebanese are fighting among each other.. Muslims are struggling amongst each other.. What happened to you people in charge? Can't you see that you are more than satisfying your enemy this way? Can't you see who your real enemy is in the first place? Haven't you ever heard of the famous "divide and conquer" principle?
Please, let's get American's out of Iraq, let's liberate Palestine, and let's make sure Israel doesn’t attack Lebanon... And then we can start resolving our internal conflicts.

The problem is that I am sure they know they shouldn't get into civil wars because this is exactly what Amreica and Isael want. Such people are clever, they wouldn't miss such a point.. it's the hidden agenda's…


Sari said...

Target is what we miss my love

Today the Arab world and Palestinians has a great conflict with targets, is it Palestine, if yes which one 1948,1967.199x the whole country ,which one ,is Jerusalem the capital , no we signed with a no on that , so instead we will try an Islamic government no non Islamic is better, may be we will try a merge between the two no we will try to create something with Jordan , no guess what
First we will kill the others then we will do what we want to

But lets be very frank am not with Hamas; but at the same time I know that Mahmoud A'abas is the happiest person with the current situation, A'abas want mind to sell Palestine with the people in it if he can. Wake up everyone and stop killing each other, and only for once try to control your nerve while dipping a new trader from his chair.

kinzi said...

Just so you know, here is one American who is not for any kind of civil war or violence in the region. :)

Lydia Sizer said...

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Reem said...

Sari, you are right. As always :)
Kinzi, I love american people, i think our problem is with governemnts rather than people, normal people are not for civil wars or any wars..