Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogger VS. Wordpress

I thought of moving my blog to wordpress..
But Word press importer doesn't work with the new blogger :(


Qwaider قويدر said...

There's a common export format that both wordpress, and blogger support (and others). I can probably find some more details for you. But since I use niether of them it might be a while.

lammoush said...

aaaaaaaaaa5 sho a7ki ana ya 7asreti
ana kaman beddi atla3 men iblog (aw bel a7ra yetla3o iblog men rasi)and i wanna go wordpress too... the importing part is in the way!! iblog is trash

Qabbani said...

okay ..

i guess by tomorrow will find something about it,,,

Reem said...

Qwaider... Many thanks, I reaaly appreciate!

lammoush, join the club, lets wait for qwaider to help us both!

qabbani, I will be waiting fro tomorrow :)

noticeable said...

I've used Blogger in the past, but I really find wordpress to be much better. Seriously consider the move regardless of import ability.

moi said...

I'm having the same problem, and it's really frustrating. But one of my friends helped me out and found this plugin (http://www.romantika.name/v2/2007/01/31/import-new-blogger-to-wordpress/) so it should work. Good luck!