Friday, January 12, 2007

A reflective look on my blog.

For the last couple of days I have been constantly thinking of my blog, its layout and its content. And I decided that it’s not up to what I want it to be. For the time being, I am the least concerned about the layout. I will find sometime when I am in the mood to play around the template or even moving the blog to somewhere else.

I’m constantly thinking of the content I post on the blog. I came to note that it’s more of journal of personal updates, which is not really bad. But I would like to write more about my thoughts and opinions about every aspect of the world. Many times I encountered issued or situations I wanted to share but for some reason I didn’t. I should have a more critical eye on my daily life.

For some period of time, having a huge number of visitors and comments was my main concern. Now I look at my blog from a different angle. I still want my voice to be heard and commented on. However, when I looked back and went through all the posts I have written, I felt that my blog is a perfect documentation tool for my life. It’s like I am keeping a diary for myself (I always wanted to do, but never really did). It was good reading what I thought about certain issues and how I felt at different occasions. I discovered that I forgot how I felt at certain occasions and it was nice to find something to remind me. I realized as well that our way of thinking changes and evolves over time. It’s good to have something documented to help us track it.

Another concern I had while thinking about this was my style of writing. I don’t like it. I don’t feel I am expressing myself the way I want to do. I don’t feel I’m navigating about the subject I want to discuss the right way. I think I need to concentrate more when I write. I tend to write my posts quickly without much concentration and I publish them without sleeping on them.

Yet another concern is the language. I only write in English. I would like to start writing in Arabic as well. I love Arabic and I express myself better using my mother tongue. Some subjects are meant to be written in Arabic. My problem here is the lack of Arabic typing skills. The first step is practicing Arabic typing.

So, I have so much to work on.


Summer said...

Reem...i think one has to go back every once in a while to old posts and just read through them to know the type of progress they made through their blogging will surprise yourself of the amount of stuff you wrote, events, feelings, emotions and so is a journal and i think blogging is a great tool, i would not have done it by using a pencil and a paper! Thank God for computers!
as for the templates...i think a lot of it depends on your mood and how creative you are..good luck in your Arabic blogging, you can type a post in few days, i will be looking out for your Arabic posts! best of luck!

Chelsia said...

Good words.

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