Sunday, January 14, 2007


Yesterday I went with my mum to the downtown. I wanted to buy some wool to knit a scraf! Yes, me, Knitting!!

We ended up in adventure. As we passed by Hashem, the smell of the Flafel was irresistable. So my mum give me that look and said: "Wanna eat Sandwich Flafel??" and of course I said yes!! I can't say no to 2 things: Food and sleep!!!

So we went there and order some sandwiches and some Flafel "fare6"! As we walked away my mum asked me: "Were are we going to eat them?" So we ended up sitting on a table in the middle of Hashem's small corridor!! Then ordering tea with mint!!

Ofcourse we were the only women! So full of myself, I took my mobile out and started taking pictures, while everybody around was looking at me with shock! and to make it better my mother asked the guy working there: "Where did you seat his majesty the king when he came??"

The pictures are not so clear, my hand was shaking! I wasn't too comfortable taking pictures while everybody around me is staring at me!! I will publish them anyhow!

After we ate the delicious Flafel, we proceeded to buy my wool.. Later in the night, my mum was checking her email on the laptop and reading blogs here and there, and I sat next to her knitting!! I thought that was ironical!!

Enjoy the pictures!!


Qwaider قويدر said...

I love hashem ... YUMMY!
Sa7tain :)

Summer said...

Sa7tain w 3afieyh...shahhetini el Falafel..i have never been to Hashim!! next time i am in amman i will check it out and your mom are switching places!

Sari said...

wala i miss hashim too
3ala kolen sa7ten wa 3fyeah

and this note is Beautifull
"I can't say no to 2 things: Food and sleep!!!"

Qabbani said...

lool , Hashim is nice just in Ramadan :P

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

im hungry looking at ur sandwiches made my stomache grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwl hehe

btw ur husband is my friends cousin! small world :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

not my cousin sari's cousin... du3a2 isimha.. and i met his sister her name was shuroo2? nono i remmebre kont alakhbet bi her name.. ishi fe Ss wa it meant something nice.. al zhaymar

anyway... ahla wa sahla wa again mabrooook :) tli3na bna3raf ba3d :) smalll world :)