Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sports In Jordan

I was really proud when Fastlink basketball team won Asia cup last year, it was maybe the first time Jordan wins cup over so many good competitors.. I know we won a cup in some Arabic football tournament… But I still thought it was a great Achievement.

However, I was really disappointed yesterday as I walked in Prince Hamza court to watch a basketball game. It was almost empty.. I wondered why.. The ticket is really cheap – 1 JD- affordable by most I would say.

Was it lack of advertising for such activities? Or is it little awareness from people’s side?

I think it was both, along with the minimal interest in sports we have in our society. (Put aside the world cup!)

As I was watching the game, I was thinking more and more about it. Wouldn’t this be a better activity for youth to do than sitting in coffee shops having “argeeleh”??

One thing made me really smile. A man in his late forties accompanied his 5-year-old son to watch the game. All through the game he was talking to his son about how he can join his school’s team and maybe later some professional club where he practice and become a good player. Then after the game finished, they decided to stay to watch the one coming next!


Qabbani said...

your right about

be a better activity for youth to do than sitting in coffee shops having “argeeleh”??

: ) but in Jordan it's hard for one reason manners ..

what the point if any one like a game and had this answers
"Well sir , are you sure you can play this!!"
"i dont think you can do this its not easy "
"you should be taller "

"you have FAT you need to work out really hard "

you know even in the gym not all time help , when all look at you that ur a beginners and start act like they are a pro

all what they need is Good talking way and more encouragement and you will see half ppl working out and do sport

SPORT it's really a NEED for youth

smoking average in JO is 75%

omery15 said...

You should see the games for the younger team, their is almost never a single person who watches the game... most of them are other player who come to see their friend or rivals play, or family and friends... to tell you the truth, usually, the number of cops in the arena is larger than the number of fans :D

The only time that you see a large number of fans is when the national team plays against another country in the summer tournament...

They really should advertise these games more often, but don't forget, basketball is not that much of a wide spread game in Jordan, so it is not excepted to find a large number of fans going there

Their is a game between Fastlink and Orthodoxi tomorrow, either at 5 or 7 (if your interested check Al-Ghad newspaper) it should be an exciting game, they are the top two teams in the league

Just if your wondering I know becasue I play basketball :D

Reem said...

Qabbani, You are right, but I was just talking about watching games.. Playing the sport is another story that needs a whole post by itself.. but I basically agree with you.. we don't encourage youth to play and worse we dont have enough clubs to host all... along with the image in the scociety about being an athletic.. you have to be either a doctor or an engineer to be respected!

Omery15: I was wondering why isn't basketball of a wide spread in Jordan!
I have all the schedule of games.. I miight go to today's game, if weather permits.. It's at 5:30.

Reem said...

Sorry, It's 7:30 not 5:30.

Drama Div@ said...
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Drama Div@ said...

at least you football team won something... our malaysian team is lousiest soccer team ever!!!

Reem said...

Drama: hehe you are right,, by the way, Im in love with malaysia, I went there for my honey moon,, its a piece of heaven.

Drama Div@ said...

tenkiyu... :P please to hear that u like it... do come again....

mohannad said...

It’s a matter of advertising

I can still recall the thrill and excitement I used to get when I was on the outer door of the basketball arena. I used to hear fans singing and shouting. And used to stand in a long line before getting into the arena. All of this used to happened when” DUNK” was the official partner and sponsor of basketball in Jordan. I can never forget the numerous numbers of advertisements on TV that encouraged everyone to go and watch basketball. Moreover newspapers where filled with pictures of the top foreigner and local players and dates of matches. All of these where basic building blocks that built a wide fan base for each club and lead to a competitive season that ended with a final that broke the records with the very large number of audience.

Nowadays nobody knows about a game unless he searched for it in several news papers. And the only way to watch it is to go to the empty arena as the Jordan sports channel will be putting a football game from the year 1972.

Finally even clubs who are supposed to be the keenest to get the audience back aren’t doing anything for that. No fan websites, no advertisements and not a single manger in the team responsible for improving the fan base though we see each team with no less than 5 or 6 administrators.

Sorry for being too long and boring but this issue and the way officials are dealing with it is driving all basketball lovers in Jordan crazy.

mohannad said...

ps.dont forget to cometoday at 7 the game is between fastlink and wehdat