Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From KSA

So It's been one week today!

It's pretty cool. So far I am enjoying my time very much. I know it's still early to judge.. but so far,,, I like it!

I'm still not 100% setteled.. I'm not yet cnnected to the internet.. so it will be a while till you hear from me again. But I can brief you a bit!!

Jordan planet, Allah ysahel 3aleeh :), actually did us smething good. Yesterday we visited Hani Masoud's Family.. They are soo nice and we were so happy to meet them, Thanks JP for introducing such nice frends!!

The other day we visited Sari's friends.. and you know how small the world is.. His wife's uncle is my Dad's best freind, and she herself is a former student of my mother!!!!

what else can I tell you about KSA? I'm leading a lazy life,, which I love!!!!
And yes, I cook!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Off to KSA!!


Today I got my visa stamped on my passport!

I'm leaving to KSA tomorrow!!

SO this is my last post from Amman!!

Wish me luck!! You are more than welcome to visit us anytime! If you insist!

Did you grow in Amman in 80's and 90's|

then you can relate to the following:

>>- You watched Al Manahel everytime it's on, and you know what does
>>"Aqwa men
>>al Shadda, Ahda2 men Al Sukoon" means!
>>- You can recite the theme songs of Jongar, Grendizer, Al Rajol El
>>Lady Lady, Sally, Adnan Wa Lina, Al Haddaf
>>- You watched: Captain Majed, Sandy Bell (even if you're a boy),
>>Abbott, Bell wa Sebastian, Al 7oot El Abyad, Lady Oscar (bass
>>balash lady,
>>abu el shabaab), Labeeba (who we never tend to know she got hair
>>for hands
>>or hands for hair), Sonbol, Tamtamm, Jazeerat El Kanz, Maymouna, Al
>>El Sa3'eer, Flona, Sindibad, Tom Sawyer
>>- You watched Eftah Ya Semsem, and later on in your life found out
>>it's the
>>Arabic version of Sesame Street.
>>- You know the two flavours of 'Shokalatet Moody'. Yellow and Pink
>>- You bough from Dukkaneh:
>>Dam3a, Zaki, Double Wheel, Tootoo (Tweety), Raas El 3abed, SB
>>Ma5addat, Roco, Tiger Chocolate, Shebs Ringo, Askimo, Shukala
>>3ammar, 3elket
>>Mentaad, Halawani Shebs, Baskoat Marie, Katakeet, Mr Shebs (not
>>- haha), Petra Ice Cream (the 'expensive' one with double layers),
>>the red
>>ULKER chocolate with the cubes.
>>- You know the tune the Cotton candy man does (Sha3r El Banat)
>>- You played Ghommayeh, 6ummayeh or whatever you call it and when
>>you touch
>>the 'place' you say "Kummesteir" and 'til now you don't know what
>>the hell
>>it means!
>>- You know "Al 7ezam El Azraq" and you own at least one VHS or
>>Betamax (รข)
>>by them. WWF wrestling matches
>>- You had a crush on 3aroob Sobo7 (if you're a boy) with her show
>>"Waqt El
>>Mara7" and if you're a girl, you had a crush on the
>>goalkeeper in Captain Haddaf.
>>- You sang "Happy Nation" and "All That She Wants" and thought
>>dead-on cool!
>>- You drew Fido Dido at a certain phase of your life
>>- You had a pair of big white sneakers, and most of you had Reebok
>>- Atta-Ali and Jabri were the best restaurants in town.
>>- You ate "7alaqaat El Basal" (onion rings) in Funny Bunny
>>- You had a SAKHR AX170 Keyboard and you played on it night and
>>"Masafa" was written next to "Space".
>>- You had an Atari, and somewhere in your house you still have that
>>somewhere in the house.
>>- You know Abu Yousef, and you can at least sing one of the three
>>songs of
>>- In the back of your mind there's a song called "Tgool Ahwak" by
>>an ancient
>>Jordanian band called Mirage
>>- You know that Atta Ali has 46 Ice Cream flavours! Beat that
>>Baskin Robins!
>>- You attended weddings in Jabri, at Knafeh from Jabri, ate actual
>>food from
>>Jabri and ate the Nestle-Lion-Imitation Tiger Chocolate (by Jabri
>>- You know the tune of "Fares El 7alqa" from Yes3ed Saba7ak, every
>>morning on Jordan TV.
>>- You thought that "Ya Ayoha El Maleko El Ajal" by that Sofia woman
>>was the
>>new Anthem for Jordan, haha
>>- You remember the bookshops in Amman celebrating "Al 3awda Ela El
>>with you buying stationery.
>>- Your family had a workshop in the house, laminating your books'
>>with what is called "Tajleed Contact"
>>- You took ages to pick the 'suitable' name labels for your books
>>- After laminating the books, you go to school with some having
>>bubbles in
>>them. And you know what you did in class with these
>>- You never called the Jordanian sole channel Jordan TV, it was
>>"Amman"; and you watched American movies on "3amman El Tanyeh"
>>- "Yahya El Thakaa2!"
>>- You know three bees: Zeina, Nahool and Sewar el Asal.
>>- "Ayaseeeedi, Romo Yalla Hat"
>>- "Bestek Bestek Bestek NAW, Shukalata Jersey makla el GAW"
>>- You Had nightmares about Abu Shakoosh
>>- You wore "Boat Amigo Bedwi w Betfi", and walked proudly in the
>>- You know "Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go, Go Go Go Go", Ferkat Sala7ef El
>>fee Mat3am Garfields.
>>- You actually saw a Monkey in "7adiqat al Tuyoor"
>>- You know the song "The Final Countdown" as the theme for Dehanaat
>>(National Paints)
>>- You actually called Abu El Dahab center "El Dobb" cause there's a
>>Panda there
>>- You consumed Zeit and Za3tar sandwiches in school that could feed
>>families for 10 years
>>- Your local Disney Land was Mujamma3 Bank El Iskan
>>- Your other Disney Land was Luna Park
>>- You cut your classes in school to go buy Falafel sandwiches from
>>restaurant next to the school.
>>- You had (and may still have) "Kharabeesh 13, 14, 15 and 16"
>>- Your third Disney Land was Da3saan Lel Tarfeeh
>>- Shebs Disco, colored fingers. And Shebs Bitza, rings for your
>>- You watched the Quran in the morning, just waiting for it to
>>finish so
>>you'd watch morning cartoons.
>>- You watched "Sameed" before school, and wondered how tyres
>>actually taste

P.S I got this by email and made my laugh so hard... thought it's worth sharing. I had no time to check other blogs so I don't know if anybody did before me!

Monday, February 05, 2007

My scarf.. My fathers hat.

Remember I told you I bought wool to knit!! As I started to knit, my father decided to knit a hat for my nieces!! Here comes the results!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Petra - Voting through SMS

Many bloggers have already discussed the issue of voting Petra. Some agree with the idea of voting, some are uncomfortable with selling the idea the way it is done..
As I read all the posts about the issue, I couldn't decide where do I stand, am I for or against voting Petra this way? And I'm still not sure.. Until the other day, I was talking to Sari when he drew my attention to this..

There are two ways to vote, the first is through the internet, via the official website Visit the website, register as a member and vote. That's cool.

The other way is through SMS. And here comes the question:
When you are encouraging people to vote for something, you should give them all facilities to do. Not ask them to pay money for doing what you are trying to convince them to do! The SMS costs 10 piasters, not even the normal price for SMS. Why do I - or anyone- have to pay for voting Petra?