Thursday, February 01, 2007

Petra - Voting through SMS

Many bloggers have already discussed the issue of voting Petra. Some agree with the idea of voting, some are uncomfortable with selling the idea the way it is done..
As I read all the posts about the issue, I couldn't decide where do I stand, am I for or against voting Petra this way? And I'm still not sure.. Until the other day, I was talking to Sari when he drew my attention to this..

There are two ways to vote, the first is through the internet, via the official website Visit the website, register as a member and vote. That's cool.

The other way is through SMS. And here comes the question:
When you are encouraging people to vote for something, you should give them all facilities to do. Not ask them to pay money for doing what you are trying to convince them to do! The SMS costs 10 piasters, not even the normal price for SMS. Why do I - or anyone- have to pay for voting Petra?


Qwaider قويدر said...

Because it's your patriotic duty! Or thats what many people keep trying to convince me it is!
Oh and that money will come back to you a million folds, you're going to be so rich you won't even remember those 10 piasters....
Makes me laugh!

Issa said...

Mobile companies try to commercialize everything, but this does not mean we have to support them.
Nobody has to pay to vote, as you said you can vote via the official website...

Maha said...

As a matter of principle yes you shouldn't pay to vote for anything but reality is ..abooki yal 3ashr groosh i3tabrooha sms la rotana
willa superstar
willa any of the tens of sawaleef 6arma that Arab and Jordanian youth waste their parents' money on

people are paying to vote for trivial things...why can't they vote for something that's somewhat important for a change ? all of a sudden ghelyat el 3ashr groosh ??

Sari said...

Well good morning everyone
First I got to thank you all for your comments, Qwaider and Issa it was very nice to hear from you.

Maha!!! Yes this is a comment that I would like to talk about in details:

1- "abooki yal 3ashr groosh i3tabrooha sms la rotana"( I don’t think that if am sending an sms to Rotana that I will be discussing this with you, furthermore ya you might be right and you know what. I think all Jordanian people could compare there country to such a TV channel the way you did and even worse they can do a vise versa equation accourding to there love to there country (Rotana/ superstar sms compared to the one for petra). And as I recall there is a lot of people that voted for free for our Jordanian super star!!! I guess it's not our duty to pay for the SMS it’s the government duty. Your duty world wide is to VOTE and this is well known for educated people.
2- You know what the other day I was setting with someone diplomatic and I heard a very quite joke he used to tell. Tomorrow everyone will pay for there vote in the elections (now you will be saying consider it a sms to your neighbor).
3- I love to comment on the following " all of a sudden ghelyat el 3ashr groosh"
(You mean ghelyat el 3ashir groosh ) 3ala al7okoma wala 3alye.
Anyway don’t be sad I can add you to my daily 10 groosh list if you so disparate to show us its value. Maha the 10 groosh IS NOT THE ISSUE, the issue is the PRINCIPLE ITSELF.

I thought that we are more educated than this Maha or whatever your name is. It’s the principle it self, once we fight for our rights. Once we start differentiating between what we think is right and what is wrong, this is the way to start practicing democracy the way his majesty is asking us to do " if this is what getting you worried "

Reem said...

Qwaider; you spoke my mind!

Issa: you have apoint, I just hoped the governemt did more advertising on voting online.

Maha: first: I don't send Rotana.
second, if i do, then it's because i want for my personal joy. In the case of petra, we should vote because as qwaider puts it, its the our patriotic duty!

Maha, It's not the 10 groosh, it's the pronciple!

Sari.. Thanks!

Maha said...

Sari & were not detailed enough cause you seem to have overlooked that i did say "As a matter of principle yes you shouldn't pay to vote for anything but reality is .."we don't disagree on the principle so don't tell me "It's the principal ya Maha" we disagree on the interpretations of the current reality and the application of the principle
"I think all Jordanian people could compare there country to such a TV channel the way you did and even worse they can do a vise versa equation accourding to there love to there country" that's obviously not what i meant so don't twist my words

The real Joke is that in reality if you give the jordanian youth 10 groosh and ask them to vote by sms to one of two petra or one of the tv shows it is more than likely that most will vote for the TV show. It's not about the source of the 3ashr groosh wheather it's me you or the hokoomeh it's about what it votes for. You may argue that the government should subsidies the "vote for petra by phone campaign" and pick up the phone bill, but since it's all about principle then they should pay each person who voted by email a 10 groosh for their precious time cause ma 7ada a7san min 7ada. o bil marra since its 6absheh 6absheh for everything that the government illha dile3 feeh then it should be compensated by government money, so next time you pick up harmful litter from a public street you should ask for government pay and a free orange jumpsuit. It is your patriotic duty to keep your country clean, if you would only do it when you get paid to do it then it becomes a paid job!!
Who ever said that your patriotic duty should be at no cost to you?!! It always has some form of cost wheather it is a 3ashr groosh or your life, being patriotic is about paying whatever the price is lovingly !!

Reem said...

Maha, first of all thank you for commenting and then soming back to follow up on the comment..
I agree on the joke part.. It might be true that some people would send it to Rotana or whatever. But voting petra shouldnt be comapred to such a thing and shouldn't be paid for.
And by the way, I think this has nothing to do with patriotism,, i think it's much more important than such a thing.. Last but not least.. I bleieve in what JFK once sai: "It's not what you do for your country, it's what your country does for you."

Once Again, i thank you for visiting our blog, and as they say "الاختلاف لا يفسد للود قضية"

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