Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 - What's new with me?

IT's been quite a while since I wrote anything here.. And so I thought the best way to be back is with some updates about me...
Of course the biggest news I have is that I am a mother now.. My sweet Daughter Ban is 1 year three months old.. Born on the 26th of Septemeber 2008... other than that, here are my 2009 highlight:
1- Came back to Amman to work!
2- Changed two jobs!
3-Met so many new people. As always, some of them just pass, some leave eternal finger print in your life - ALia Bdeir, others are nice friends to have: My tablemate - Rawand Al Salem.
4- Lost some weight - only some.. A way to go.
5- Banboon is one year old.
6- Sari started his own business - In saudi!!
7- Traveled with Banbooon for the first time - To egypt Again.
8- Four years with Sari.
9- Got a new mobile.
10- Lived in our new house! On and Off though!!
11- One year eleven months without bolgging!