Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lost in feelings

I haven't been able to write for so long! And now I'm stealing a moment to write this! It's strnage how I miss the blog and blogosphere, and how I got addicted to it in less than three months!

Plenty is going on my head, many things I have to do and follow up on. Tomorrow is my shower party, and I will be going in an hour or so to check on the DJ!!

My weekend have been so hectic, my brother arrived on friday.. I started packing and will be moving my stuff to my home today!!!

What else? I feel I am soo busy minded, I no longer can sleep well!! That is the pre-marriage syndrome, isn't it?!!

I have many many strange feelings about it.. starting my own life, leaving my parents house... I sometimes feel I lost the enthusiasm in all this hassle of feelings!!

Anyway, you really have to excuse me... I have to run try finish some of the things on my list. Wish me luck...


Hani said...

Well, I am 28 days away of my wedding day, but already lost in feelings and can hardly sleep!!! I always think about the change that will come beyond my wedding day!

I hope i will be able to switch to it quickly.

Good luck, and alf mabrook for both of you

lammoush said...

wow.... i hope everything goes well with u and u have a very nice party!! :) good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Wish you guys all the best for your wedding. You really made me feel so stressed of the only thought of getting married