Monday, June 26, 2006

Soo,,, 9 dasy to go!!

Now that is so near! But you know? I still can't understand it! I feel like its still couple of months to go! But I actually started running after the 98742 things I have to take care of before the wedding! The zafeh, flowers, DJ, Photography, Video, the car, my dress! And there is my shower party too! Then my home!! That is giving me a headache!
Oooh and I forgot the honeymoon!

I am supposed to start my vacation next Sunday. But my beloved company agreed to give me off after lunch break this whole week! I am so happy about it, I love them!! They as well give one week marriage vacation!! nice ha?

What else? My sister came from Dubai on Friday, she kept me up yesterday till 2:30 a.m!!

Ooh I am supposed to get my dress today, wish me luck!!

Anyway, I have to run, I am going to irbid with my manager! Ciao!!!!!


Hani said...

Are you kidding?! you still have all those on the list?

I had to go to Jordan to finalize them a month before the wedding, and believe me, I hardly found reservations with good vendors! they are almost fully booked!!!
You gotta hurry up, alf mabrook o allah ytamimilkum 3ala 7'air.

Good luck with your dress :)

Reem said...

Don't worry Hani, they are all booked couplr of months ago, but i have to go back to check everything is just as planned!!

Hani said...

Ah! Now it sounds more sense! :p

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

omg photographer... floral arrangment.. kowsha.. zaffa alll i have not even thought of.. * biting nails with fear!

omg im nervous now... inshal akhier..

thanks for passing by my blog i reall enjoyed goin through your blog.. Alf MAbrook mayeb aim a bit alate but Allah yhaneekom wa ybareklkum ya RAB :)