Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jordan Telecom – The directory Services

"Jordan Telecom welcomes you. This call is charged for three and half piasters from fixed telephones. This call will be recorded for quality assurance."

I felt really bad when I knew they started to charge for calling the directory. I read the comments of the CEO of Jordan telecom and wasn't really convinced. That is a service that should be given for free for subscribers as we all ready pay JT enough through our bills, tax and subscription fees. If such services are charged, then what does the subscription fees cover?

What reminded me of this topic now? It is not that I woke up late on what is happening in the country. It is because it happened that I needed to call the 1212 a couple of times today to get a couple of numbers. And none was right. It's either they give me the fax of the place I called, a branch I don’t need, a wrong number, out of service number, or they don’t have the contact I am looking for in the first place.

So I end up having to call them twice or three times to get the right contact, and of course they are charging me for every single call I make, although it was the mistake of their agent to give me the fax or the wrong number or whatsoever…

If they decide to charge me for calling them, which is unacceptable in the first place, they should at least make sure that they would actually serve me when I call them. I don't understand it when their agent tells me that they don’t have the number, or that’s the only number registered in the database. They need to update their database to include every single contact in the kingdom, make sure they don’t give out wrong contacts, and make sure I wouldn’t have to call them 3 times and be charged for each to get one contact. Only then, they might consider charging people for those calls.

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