Monday, June 05, 2006


Alright! I have to admit it now. I am starting to panic!

I have my own way of calculating days, I actually calculate weekends because it's only on weekends that I can work on the nitty gritty things, as during the week there isn't really much time after work. So, there are only 4 weekends left!

My sister arrives on the 23rd. My brothers on the 30th!!

I still have many things to work on. I didn't yet figure about the honey moon. Cards are not ready yet, and we have to go arrange with the flowers guy, DJ, photography, zafeh and hotel! And of course there are couple of things I need to buy!! Ooohh, not to mention my dress and the veil, that's a headache!!!!

And there is my home! It's soo dirty,, dust is everywhere. I have to find a day to go and clean it! And we have to make it's all ready for human use. The refrigerator, the washing machine, the oven!! This is Sari's job! Did I tell you that I actually tried to clean a bit over the weekend? I think it's a bit better, but there is still a lond way to go!!

And guess what, I will have to remove my wisdom teeth!! I am not yet sure of the date, but it should be ASAP, maybe late this week or early next week! Tell you a secret? I am afraid to death!!

I'm sleepy, as always! And Hungry!!

My camera doesn't work! well, not exactly, something is wrong with the batteries they don't recharge. I dont know if it's the batteries or the charger. Anyone knows where can I fix it?


Happy blog reader. said...

First, congrats and good luck on your upcoming wedding.
Second, let me say, that despite the short life of this blog.. IT ROCKS!
Ever since I noticed this blog, I've been coming back to look for updates.. it's so nice to see something like this. A bunch of my friends are getting married these days, but because I'm thousands of miles away, I can't participate in their joy. Somehow, seeing this blog, and the process you're going through makes it better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Reem and Sari!!
Such a gr8 idea that u have created this blog to keep us updated with all the preparations!
From experience,,, trust me u r not doing so bad and u still have ample time to finish all what is needed,,,
but the best advice i can give is to allocate tasks to both ur families and closest friends! this way u will engage them with all the preparations and get things done!

Till then, all the very best inshallah,, and I hope we'll be able to attend,,,


Reem said...

Happy blog reader: Thanks for your sweet comment, it made my day!

Fida: Are you the "Fida" I know?

lammoush said...

heeeey reem and sari i have just checked ur blog 1st time its nice that u have a blog 2gether
alf alf mabrook in advance wish u all the happiness in the world :)
n speaking of namnoo3, i think its a difficult word n all kids get it wrong (i'm sure they dont like anyone telling it 2 them either) my brother used 2 say : na3noo3 lol