Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Strangers in Our Wedding

Yes it's true; there are strangers in our weeding; people that we don’t know. But guess what? There is always a reason for that and there is always someone that can justify such phenomenon
What is really bothers me is this:

My grandmothers (Allah yer7mhom) control 80% of my wedding list; well, if one of my grandmothers is to be married next month she only needs to change the directions of the cars to her home; I know that they will be more than satisfied with the wedding list and they will be very delighted seeing their best relatives around.

ReemO has already talked about this topic in a previous post from a different angle. For me, what I'm concerned about now is not the invitations (I think I am now used to pay for everything, so this won't make a difference ) what really concerns me is this:

How am I going to tell who are these people in my weeding, would I be able to distinguish if they are intruders on my weeding or some invitees I haven't seen for ages, or maybe never??

What about names or at least the roots we have!!! How can I tell???

Would they even try to participate in our weeding?

Are those people attending to celebrate with us or are just there to get more topics to gossip about the week after?

I don’t know! Anyway I can do nothing about it; I can only hope that they deserve the effort we are investing!!!!!


Wael Attili said...

Ya zalameh be3orsak ma ra7 etkoon sa7i la7ada...

Sari said...

ya wael
i think you are right