Thursday, June 15, 2006

The world cup and me!!!

Sari: "Let's go back home to watch the game Reem. Please!"
Reem: "No Sari. No way I am going to spend 2 hours watching a football game. I don't like football, and I understand nothing of it."
Sari: "Come on… Please. Maybe you will like it. It's Saudi and Tunis today".
Reem: "No. Listen, go by yourself and enjoy it. I will find something else to do."
Sari: " Noo please come watch it with me, I don't want to watch it alone."
Reem: " Ok, ok. But under one condition!! We will go to some coffee shop to watch it. It would be more fun for me."

And so that was the compromise! We watch the game but in a coffee shop! So I called up a friend and asked her where we can go, and ended up in "le mondial café" – Abdoun. They charge entrance fees 3 JDs per person!

Well, I have to admit it was nice and funny. I didn’t know who should I support. Sari supported Tunis, so I thought I will support Saudi then!! The atmosphere was nice, lots of people who are soo anxious for their teams to win.. and seems it's contagious. I found myself jumping and shouting when Saudi scored their goals!

So yesterday was a day to remember…For the first time in my life I watch a football game, support a team, jump and shout for them!!! I actually enjoyed it! Seems that football is not as bad as I thought it is! The only unfortunate thing was is that I didn’t have my digital camera :( it is with my sister in Egypt. I will post some picture of her trip when she is back!

So who is playing today??


Qwaider قويدر said...

As you learn more about this thing called "marriage" you will discover how you will need to compromise more and more.
Allah ywafi2kom ... Cut the guy some slack, this only happens once every 4 years. Allah ykoon b3oonak ya Sari. :D

Hani said...

This is promising, my fiancé hated football and almost never watched a game, I am not ‎that fan of the game either, but I love to watch games from the world cup… I will be in ‎Jordan next week, and I hope I will be able to convince her of joining me to watch some ‎matches and I hope she would enjoy it and ask for the next game :D‎

lara said...

oh my god u turned into lina !! :|