Thursday, July 27, 2006

Malaysia, Truly Asia.

I'm back.. Long time no see my friends!!

As you all know, my wedding was on the 6th of July. So I have been away from work, internet and eveything that connects me to my daily normal world for more than three weeks, I have dozens of stories to tell you about. The wedding, marriage life and events that took place over the last month... Where shall I start??

Honestly, I was very hesitant to post this now. I feel very bad for what is happeneing is Gaza and Lebanon. It really hurts.. I don't want to speak any politics, or make any situation analysis.. I just need to say how bad I feel about what is going on there...

Anyway, I decided to go on and tell you about this unique period of my life.. Sorry for the inconvenince of time.

Those three weeks were amazing, time you steal away from everything and run away somewhere very far away to enjoy nature and peace of mind.. I feel so fresh after coming back to work from my vacation.. It was just perfect..

Well,, as the title tells, this article is dedicated to tell you about my honeymoon in Malaysia. Malysia is really a piece of heaven, I can't describe how beautiful it is, and how cheap as well!!! I spent the best time of my life there.

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, I wouldn't do much of the speaking, I will leave it to photos. Enjoy!!

Malaysia Twin Towers.

King's Palace!! You can pass by it, take photos and say hi to the soldiers there!!

Yummy, Chinese and Japanese food. I love Sea Food!

Taman Sari!! The resraurant's name at our Hotel in Kuala Lumper!!

Amazing nature they have, I have never seen such green lands, It is really a peice of heaven, Sub7an Allah.

In "Butterfly Farm", Penang, Malaysia. Somewhere you can see all kinds of beatiful butterflies flying around you peacefully..


Nas said...

just wanted to drop a comment and say mabrook to the both of you and may Allah bless you with a happy life together.

hope you enjoyed the honeymoon.

Reem said...

Thanks Nas! Shall I say "3o2balk"?

Nas said...

lol yeah why not :-D

Reem said...

ok then!! 3O2BALAK!!!!
wELL, sara7a I do encourage you!! And hey go to Malaysia!

Nas said...

reem, thanks and inshallah :-D

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