Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Arabs decide that they will demolish Israeli if >>>>>>>>>

Arabs decide that they will demolish Israeli if Nancy Ajram's home is touched!!!

I have no doubts that Arabs will eventually move and take action, when things get out of hand! They haven't yet, as our lovely star is still safe at her home!

I have no doubt that we all have some dignity somewhere inside; thank you Nancy for getting us together!! But I want to assure you, in case Israel demolishes your home, I am sure that your insurance from your beloved ones will guarantee you a new Lovely house just near Alkaba, because this is our new strategy Nancy, this is our way to a new middle east!

I am very proud that we have a red line at least! Especially that Nancy Ajram became a symbol of arabic culture, and we as Arab must protect the star from any harm that might get near here "keeping in mind that she might add a lot of new albums now".

What makes me more satisfied with this is that Nancy might publish new albums for Lebanon due to the ongoing war there! Which will for sure help people who are suffering there and maybe stop the war?

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LotusGem said...

I am sure Nancy was called to leave Lebanon before any of the bombing started, and I think her new house may already be in Tal Abib.

It is amazing how the same country that gave us Nancy and Haifa also gave us Hasan Nasrallah.