Sunday, August 27, 2006

No more Tom :(

Alright, it's not that I'm going to bug you every now and then with stories about Mr. Tom, but I thought you should know the end of the story since you -reluctantly- witnessed the beginning of it.

No more Tom. He is lost. We missed him Wednesday night, I thought he would come back, but unfortunately, he didn't.

I think one of the boys in the area took him.

If anyone is interested to know how I feel, I feel awful about it. I am very sad he is gone. I wish he comes back!

P.S. I mentioned earlier that I didn’t know if he is a HE or SHE. I assumed in my previous post that he is a SHE. I don’t know why now the assumption is that he is a HE!


Hani said...

I think because only boys run away from home, so now you assumed it is a HE... SHE wouldnt do that, would she?!

It seems he was not treated the way he wanted, thats why he ran...

Yalla, go get another tom, it is easy to find one I think :D
I had Lo2Lo2 & Bo3Bo3 once, I kept them at a friends house once when I had to travel, and he lsot them both!!! that felt so bad :(

Reem said...
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Reem said...

Hehe walla ya Hani in these days girls do strange things! Maybe she ran away with another nice HE!!

By the way,, Alf mabrouk. Sorry it's late.