Sunday, August 27, 2006

A thorough look into me..

Facts about myself:

1- I am 25 years old, a Leo.
2- I love music.
3- My favorite dish: Hard question, I have many! Well, mloukhieh (Jews Mellow!) and war2 3inab (vine leaves).
4- My favorite program: Tom & Jerry.
5- My favorite pet: I don’t like pets in general, but Tom is fine!
6- I love mathematics and dealing with numbers. I have an amazing memory for numbers.
7- I am a talkative person.
8- I love kids.

Things I do not like about myself:

1- I am easily intimidated, even when I know my stuff 100% sure.
2- I have a loud profile that people think I'm aggressive all the time.
3- I explode fast.
4- I am lazy.
5- I lack determination – too spoilt?
6- I eat too much.
7- I am too skeptical about things.
8- I have very bad time management skills. I can't find time to do things I love; reading, practicing my French, playing Piano… and many more
9- I am always sleepy.
10- I am not athletic.
11- At certain situations I loose my self-confidence.

Things I like about myself:

1- I rarely hate anyone.
2- I have a tender heart that feels pity for every creature, even my teddy bear. – Is that good or bad?
3- I am sincere.
4- I can never hurt anyone on purpose.
5- I love to help people.

Things I would change if I go back in time:

1- I would have put more effort on my studies; in school, university and post graduate studies. 2- I would have never stopped playing Basketball and volleyball.
3- I would have participated more in extra-circular activities.
4- I would have chosen people I knew and dealt with with more care.
5- I would have never socialized with some people.
6- I would have studied a different topic for my post-graduate studies.
7- I would have seized the chance of living abroad alone for a year to learn more from the experience and gain knowledge and expertise that comes from different cultures.
8- I would have taken more care for weight gain, and never gained as much as I did in 5 years.

Things I wish I learn about:

1- Medicine: everything about how our bodies work, why we get ill, and how to cure diseases.
2- How mobile technology works.
3- Psychology.
4- Babies' world (up to 3 years old): what do they think? What do they know? What do they understand? Their cognition of their surrounding environment before and after they are born. 5- Dreams' world: How do we dream, what happens when we sleep, what do our dreams mean? 6- The truth about sixth sense, telepathy and ESP (extrasensory perception).

Things I should do before I die!

1- Revive my French language, build on it and become fluent.
2- Revive my basic knowledge of playing piano, and continue to learn it to become a good pianist.
3- Learn to exercise daily.
4- Have my own successful business.
5- Read, read, and read.
6- Have a nice home with a peaceful, loving and outstanding family.
7- Master English!


Lubna said...

are you a capricorn? :P

Reem said...

Haha, Are you? Do I seem to be?
Well, i'm a leo!