Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to the Furture?!

I had a bizarre dream! I dreamt that I am living in year 2006! Wow, what an amazing world it is at that time.. All people have new nice cars, they have telephones that you can take anywhere you go and you will still receive phone calls, they call them "mobile phones".
They have rockets, and they have actually landed on the moon. It is just astonishing the technology they have!
Do you know that new invention that has just been announced a couple of months ago in the USA that they call "Computers"? We think it will never be usable, and it is very large, it needs a whole room by itself. Surprisingly, there in year 2006, they can't live without it, they have it in the size of a notebook; they take it with them wherever they go. And they have something called Internet, they run it on those tiny computers they have. This Internet thing is just freaky, they say you can send a letter any place in the world just by pressing a button, I can't believe it, how could that "button" fly overseas and reach the destination you want? thats not the end of the story, your letters reachs directly to the house of the person you want your letter to go to!

Do you know what else they have on this Internet? They have something called Jordan Planet, where all Jordanian people who like to write can write there and people read..

It was this Jordan Planet that woke me up from my dream, brining me back to the real date! December 31, 1969!!!

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The Observer said...

Lol! That was fun :)