Monday, August 28, 2006

What makes a successful blog?

I love my blog. And I love the whole blogosphere. I amazed of how addicted to it I got, how up to date and connected to the world it makes me feel just reading blogs here and there. Especially when it comes to someone like me who neither reads newspapers (that's bad I know) nor watches news at TV (even worse!). This is one reason I love blogosphere, but it's not the most important one. I love how close to people it makes you feel. Although you might not know those people in person, but blogs are wonderful communication tool that makes you feel you are living the life of bloggers day by day.

But the big question is: How do you manage a successful blog? What determines if your blog is successful? Traffic might be the answer. But what I perceive to be a much better indicator is the number of comments you get. As people might visit your blog, but they wouldn't leave comments unless they find your posts very interesting. Or, at least, I don't leave comments unless I'm really interested in what's written, and in the blog as a whole.

Ok, here comes that bad news… According to my own indicator of successful blogs, ours is not :(

Any suggestions for other indicators?


Ghaith said...

Mar7aba Reem,

I don't agree that comments are a measure of how "successful" a blog is. I do monitor the traffic on my blog, and sometimes I see more than 10 hits on posts that nobody left comments on. Also, posts that have comments have many more hits than the number of comments.

People don't comment all the time you see. It doesn't mean what you wrote didn't interest them, or that you're blog is not "successful" ... it simply means "no comment" :)

Anyway, I think having a "successful" blog can be viewed from so many perspectives other than the comments or hits. Ba3deen, being interesting is really a relative issue, isn't it? Whatever boring or nonesense one blog may look to some people, it will definitely interest some others, and since readers are so much diverse there is no single blog that has no readers!

As for your blog, it is definitely interesting and worth checking ... in my own view at least!

Keep it up :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Wanna promote your blog!? Write how misrable it is to be a woman in the middle east ... You'll soon catch everyone's eyes

Reem, think of it this way, are you blogging to brag about how many people come by and check it out, or is it about you ... your experience .. your joy, your happiness..Forget about everyone and everything else

(oh and remove that annoying webstat4u thingie, it produces these annoying popups)

For me, your blog is more successful than many so called "accomplishd" bloggers ... Just go with what you feel, write about what you love...

Akhookom :)

Reem said...

Ghaith: Thanks!! Good to know you like it!

Qwaider, Ofcourse it's not about bragging about how many people, and I do write what i feel,, but you know, i would like people to share me my thoughts and exprience and even tell me i'm wrong when I am..

Qwaider قويدر said...

Reem, sorry to say this, please don't take it negatively, (because it really is not negative)
But you're in the "undesired" category, since you're not single and looking. Just look at all the ladies that are talking about thier fiances, husbands ...etc You will see the number of commentors/traffic to be modest! while others no matter how shallow/stupid they sound get all the traffic because GUYS keep going there...
It's sad quite frankly

Reem said...

Qwaider, for sure I didn't take in negatively, but i'm not sure i got your point.. lets see! I'm not gonna change the "category" I am in, I won't write about shallow stuff, I created this blog because i wanted to meet quality people, write quality posts, and learn quality experience.. if the cost for this is the readership and number of comments I get.. then it's alright, i'm still happy!

Reem said...

Well, I really hope I'm not shallow and do wrtie qualtiy posts!

Qwaider قويدر said...

You're far from it Reem, really far from it...
I was just giving you a possible explanation for what's you're seeing
You might get a modest amount of people visiting, but trust me, Quality people (as you have eloquently put it) will come back, and will enjoy

A handful of quality people, is worth thousands of worthless airheads ... don't get frustrated.... ever

And by the way, welcome to my blogroll, I'm so honored to have you and Sari there

Anonymous said...
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