Monday, August 21, 2006

Tom, But NO Jerry!

Sari Loves cats. So we were planning to get one as we have a small garden around our home... But somehow we couldn't find one and then we got too busy and almost forgot about it!

On Wednesday, we had to go to my father's farm - which is located in Mahes, a small town after Fuheis, 16 km from Amman, specifically, from our home. - to drive someone there. It was around sunset, and just before we arrived there, we saw a very small kitty meowing… I think she is no older than two months!

"Sari, look at this kitty… she is very nice,, please stop!"
"She wouldn’t allow you to come near her Reem."
"Just stop please!"

And so he stopped. I opened the door, and before I could do anything else or step any further the cat was in my lap, meowing hardly. She was STARVING. I had some pastries with me so I got one out and gave it to her. I would never forget the way she started eating it.. In less than one minute, it was all over!

We took her back home with us. She is so thin! We named her "Tom"!!!
I'm getting a vet to check on her and vaccinate her today!!

By the way, I'm not sure if it's a She or HE! I assumed she is a SHE!

She is very lovely, loves to play, and was puzzled by the Argeeleh yesterday!

Cats are nice!


Roba said...

cute :)

Ghaith said...

I love cats :D

Take a look at this:

Betqa said...

Ooooo...what a pretty kitty! Cats rock! Here's mine: