Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Reem - Say something!

I thought coming to live in KSA would give me all the time and the motive to blog more. Changing towns, exploring the new city and culture, and being semi-jobless!

But it didn't happen! Have you ever heard anyone saying that when you are busy and have a full schedule you actually do more? That is absolutely true! In my case, at least!

I am leading a lazy life. Yet I am loving it. If anyone knows about my sleeping addiction, it wouldn't be at all strange, and if you know a bit more about me and know how much I love eating…. It's all explained why I love Riyadh (let's not mention the dark side, weight!) Well honestly, shopping as well makes it so enjoyable!
I think this lazy life is contagious. I am having a lazy mind as well. So I am keeping my mental activity to its minimum – No blogging! Bad! But at least, some reading is there!

I discovered a bit more about myself lately. I am a lazy housewife, and a bad cook. However, I am not so naggy (is that the right word? it does not look like it, the red line is flashing here) and easy-going person.

So it's been almost 6 months now. And I am not yet bored from Riyadh. I actually like how much it got me closer to Sari, and how much quality time we spend together (and quantity as well, there is no one after all!). I think Saudi is a great start for newlyweds, it is the case if you start your life anywhere other than your hometown, but Saudi has an extra advantage, you have absolutely nothing to do but spend time with your spouse, even if you are doing grocery shopping.

Speaking of shopping- I love it here. Sales are always there, almost every time of the year!! At this particular time, it's the best, 50-70% off everything! I thought that in sale I wouldn't really find nice good stuff – all would be gone. But I was very mistaken. I have a new digital camera now. I love it. I should be posting more pictures.

Speaking of which, I have a story that I will die to share!
Before I went to Amman, I bought my nieces some clothes. It was on sale -50% off - because that was the old spring collection and they were just putting up the new collection. Cool!
It happened that I bought a skirt for Judy, but couldn't find her size for the blouse matching. So in Amman, almost two months later, I happened to pass by the same shop and find it has 30-70% discount. Cool, I thought. I can get the blouse.
- Hello, How much are these discounted?
- Hello Madam, well, these are only on 30% discount, just "dyafeh" for our customers. Because these are the newest collection this year!!!!!


Qwaider قويدر said...

YAAAAY ... finally ... a Post
Wallahi ya Reem .. ENJOY IT!! I wish I was a housewife too :D

Allah yhanneekom ya rab .. you are great people and deserve nothing but the best.

I also believe that living in SA is very helpful for a startup marriage. You need this time to melt and bond. And now you are inseprable .. alhamdulillah

I feel so happy for you guys .. Allah ywaffi2kom .. wi yhanneekom .. oo yis3edkom YA RAB

Take care of your self my good sister, and biggest salamat to my dear brother Sari

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

when i commented on your blog long time ago ... i was new to KSA and you had just arrived and started talking abt how KSA is not that bad ... well am still on my opinion :)

KSA life really sucks you down ... you get lazier and start using ur brain less ... the food and shopping is all there is ... nothing else ...

of course life as a couple is different ... as u said u get to spend much more time together ... which is good ... but i dont think it will work for me here cuz i like a busy and hypersocial life ... and thats is not exactly the picture here ...

something else ... ur in Riyadh and u dont think its that bad ,,, wonder what you would do if u lived in jeddah !!! i havent been to riyadh but people coming here tell me its like going from damascus to beirut !!!!

i remember someone asked me abt life here ,,, i told him six thing:

-hating it
-missing jordan
-gaining weight
-losing shape
-intense shopping (i have never had 6 shoes at any given time of my life)
-Argeele (which u cant have in riyadh unless u travel 45 km or sth)

what a long rant ... wish u two the best of luck :)

Reem said...

Qwaider: Thanks!!

Isam: KSa life is not sucking me dow, honestly! I don't why when I say this people think I am pretending or trying to be different.. But I really like it. So far at least. I think I have a couple of things that is helping me. I am working on a personal business, I had the chance to travel a couple of times since I arrived here and I have a part time job.. But mostly, I really believe its the theory of the half-empty cup. it's at which half you look, you either see a half-emty cup or a half- full one. I have promissed m self to make the best out of it and not allow anything to ruin my life. By the way, I know soo many families here who are very happy and who DOES NOT want to go back to Jordan EVER. I think it makes it double hard for you coz you are single... so man, Get married :)

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

hehe ... i will but most certainly not soon :)

a few points :
- u have gotten urself busy ... that puts u in the 0.01% or maybe less in KSA ...
- u traveled
- those families ur talking abt ,,, i know some of them ... and when they moved to jordan they cursed every minute they wasted in KSA ...
- the kids grow up waaaaaaaay street smarter in jordan than ksa
- this is not a half empty half full cup ... this is an empty cup with a little water in the bottom (money)
- i am living well and i have friends here and all ... but i keep saying i hate it here so i wont get hypnotized and stay here for 25 years then wake up
- am cool abt it ... i can live anywhere even in Somalia ... but i feel sad when a country with such potential is all abt shopping and eating ... i have adapted but i dont want to get used to it if u know what i mean :)

have a nice day :)

Yazan Ashqar said...

Isam said it will, and the lack of cultural activities is one of the biggest problems i have there..could be the main one.