Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SaReem... To move or not to move?

I have thought of moving our blog to wordpress long time ago. And I have actually created and account there. At that time, it didn't support importing blog posts and comments from new blogger.

I have visited wordpress again, and now I was able to import my blog. So technically, I am ready to move the blog. But I am giving it a second thought. I don't find wordpress as usable as I thought it would be. And I couldn't the option I wanted to move my blog for in the first place. The option I am looking for is sending notification emails to those who have commented on a post when further comments are being put on that post. Is this option available?


MQabbani said...

well yes it is

check it there in

Option --->discussion

MQabbani said...

oh yeah make sure to unchecked

must register

Option---> General

Reem said...

Thanks, But i didn't really find it.. do i need to check or uncheck the option of "Users must be registered and logged in to comment"?? any other options i will need to check? Thanks a lot

MQabbani said...


you need to uncheck it so any one can comment on you posts ,

about mail , i see it there in my other blog


its in General--> Option --->discussion

u must see something:

E-mail me whenever:

* Anyone posts a comment
* A comment is held for moderation

:) oh to test it , i guess its your problem here

use different name and any other email you have ,
then check it , it will send you Email when the comment posted :)

if didt work , email me to send u screen shot how it should be

Reem said...

I don't need an option to email me, this option is already there in blogger too.
what I want is the following: If you post a comment on my post. and then someone posts another comment on the same post, I want it to send you email that another comment was postd on the article you have commented on earlier. Do I make my self clear?

MQabbani said...

its a plugin you can install it on wordpress stand alone ,
not with wordpress.com

you need a hosting your own domain so u can use Full wordpress function :)

i can give u host :D

Reem said...

mmm let's see! thats more techy than my capabilities.. Let's start by hosting.. what should I do?

MQabbani said...

long story

all what u need to buy hosting with domain name ,

and u can get wordpress blog with it ,

its need work and tech alot of it

are u ready ?