Friday, January 25, 2008

Facebook is guilty.. I am guilty.

Such a long long time!! I think whoever is administrating Jordan Blogs will kick me off soon for being such an "inactive" member! I think that’s unfair, but that's another post! Remind me about it if hibernate again!!

I don’t know why I haven’t been writing lately. Although I had, and still have many ideas in my head that I would like to share – If anybody is still reading this blog!

I felt very guilty the other day when I read Qwaider's comment on my last post! And it actually triggered me to write something… I don't know why it took me this long.

This blog has been so much on mind lately.. And I was trying to find the reason behind me dumping it this way.. Is it laziness? That is definitely part of the reason, but I seem to be active in some other aspects. Is it lack of ideas? No, as I just mentioned so many things are worth talking about…
I came to find out that a big part of the reason is that I used to feel that this blog links me to people. Now, I somehow feel the Facebook is doing the job! Not as perfectly of course, but it does make me feel connected with everyone of my friends, and I feel as I know all about each and everyone of them!

So Facebook is responsible for my absence! Facebook is guilty!!
Well, I like Facebook. I know people have contradicting point of views about it. And I agree with some aspects of them. I agree, for example, that some pictures are too private to be published in Facebook, on blogs or anywhere else on the net. On the other hand, I like how much it helps me keep connected with those who like miles away, be in touch with people life has taken so far..
I love how I was able to find many friends from school or university whom I lost contact with. That is, for me, the best part of it.

never the less.. I feel soooooooooooo guilty for not writing for this long..

What a lame post to write after such a long period of hibernation! I should have chosen something more serious.. Ghaza crisis maybe.. But what can ever be said about that? Allah 3ala al- thalem………..


Qwaider قويدر said...

Welcome back
Ya Allah sho ishta2telkom!

And I hate facebook!

How's Sari?

Sari said...

well i'm fine
long time ha

anyway i realy miss you bro

how kis everything

Reem said...

Qwaider I really don't know what to tell you! You are one of the main reason to get me back to this blog! Your comments are really sweet.. I am speechless! Thanks very much!!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Yalla .. yalla ... get to it ..
Tell us about your latest cooking skills. Or is Sari still suffering? :)

SAARRRIII ... hey bro ... Salamat ... how's SA?

Anju Patel said...

Good Article. I liked it..

Anonymous said...

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