Thursday, November 30, 2006

Late night ramble!

Who said ADSL is good?

It's 1:00 a.m, I'm dead tired and sleepy, but I'm still up, downloading songs, and playing games!

Can't I do anyting more useful? But honestly, I like the bunch of songs I downloaded.. All Arabic. Did I ever mention that I'm an "arabic-culture" Fan? I love arabic music, arabic series!! and I don't watch much movies! I like english music.. only the oldies! And you know what? I love egypt, and egyptian.. I have been to Cairo twice this year.. and I am definately in love with it... How can you not love "mloukhieh bil araneb"??

I didn't tell you about any of these trips, did I? bad me!

Well, the second time I was on a business trip for an amazing course in Organizational Behaviour.. This course is definately worth another post! In that visit, My friend and I, Proudly, became wedding crashers!! Here was the daily program:
Finish course at 6:30, go around Cairo and have dinenr till around 12:30 -1, and then, continue the sahra at the wedding that would be taking place in the hotel! by the third night, the waiter in the hotel gave us that dirty look of "What the hell do you both do here every night, aren't you the same annoying guests I see around the hotel??" !!

Now seriously, how can I not be in love with such a city? So ancient, so cultured, so filled with the smell of history? How can you not love a city where people would start talking to you in the street? smiling all the time? How can't I adore the pyramids?

Do you know what Do I feel at the moment?

I feel I'm in my 4th year of university.. I used to stay up infront of my computer, in the very same place where I am now, suposedly studying or working on some stupid project that was due next week and I just found out about yesterday! but eventualy ending up doing something totally irrelevant, and time-wasting! what makes me feel so most, are the songs I'm hearing now.. The very same bunch of songs of that period of my life..
Why are songs so related to people and places? They always trigger a memeory about a place, someone and even time of the year.. What is amazing about it is that when I hear a song, the memory is so strong that I can feel the atmosphere of it.. feel cold if it was winter, and feel like going out with fridns if it's summer... SO amazing.. I love memories.. There are so many things I smile when I remember.. well quite a lot that regret too, but lets not go there, I will leave it a happy night!

I'm so tired.. Do you know this phase when you're so tired so u become high?!!! This is me!

I definately didn't know that this post was going to contain all these unrelated, un-interesting (is that the right form? is it un-intersting or not intersting? I honestly can't think staright now) topics! But that's what you get when you decide to be nice enough to read my late night posts!

My back hurts.

By the way, you can't imagine the number of mistakes I found when I proof-read this! SO if you find anymore, please forgive my mental status now..

"Tawq al Yasameen" - MAjida Al Roomi
"R7 &alfak bil Ghoson ya 2asfour - Wadee3 al Safi

Do hear them sometime.. My ever favorite songs.. And if you need any further advice about great songs, that are not very well known.. just let me know.

Good night!


Qwaider قويدر said...

My good little lovebirds
Sometimes, you have to force yourself to get to bed at a specifictime, regardless of what the temptation to stay up holds.
I hope your next post would be more "eventful" and "interesting" for YOU since this one was fantastically human!
Allah y3eenkom 3ala KSA

Sari said...

Well Reemoo.

I think KSA will be the best place to do such an activity; we have all the time in the world to do that.

Furthermore Qwaider the surprise is that Reem didn’t get here yet, but I think she is practicing some of the most interesting things that she can do here in KSA

Qwaider قويدر said...

Bardo Allah y3eenkom 3ala KSA :)
Insha2allah btowsal bil salameh and you both can have a good early night of sleep
Allah ywafi2kom ... and All the best
(when I grow up, I want to be just like you)