Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jordan Planet Meeting - A refreshing experience

Today was not the best since it started. I woke up on a very bad pain in my back. I played Aerobics yesterday, first time since ages, so my back is killing me..
But my day has ended in the best way it could.. It was the first time I make it to the JP meeting..
There were so many people.. And It feels really good to see the people I read about almost daily.. I felt that the missing part of the puzzle was finally in place.

There are some people I was hoping to meet but unfortunately didn't. Hope I will some other time soon.

I was very happy to meet all of you guys, I'm not sure I can remember all names so I'm not gonna start so as not to forget anyone.. But I have to say, I was very pleased to finaaly meet Qwaider!! He is Number 1 reader of this blog! Thanks Qwaider! I will leave the pictures job for him since he was the camera man!

It was my first time to old view cafe as well.. A lovely place that I will definately come back to.

Song of the post: Kalimat - Majida Al Roomi.


Ola said...

I didn't see you! Or maybe I did but I can't recognize you, there was too many people, 3ajga 3ajga... but it was fun!

Anonymous said...

make the world a better place, punch Qwaider in the face

Qwaider قويدر said...

It was so awesome seeing all of you there. I can say, I was really touched by Sari's call. I feel like I'm a member of this amazing Family, may it grow and thrive and all the best to all of you.
It was wonderful meeting you too

kinzi said...

Reem, it was a pleasure to meet funny that your face matched your words. Really, your friendly, candid and open fae matched how you write!

Anonymous said...

Well , it was nice meeting u too , i know i had only few miniutes with u , bs its ok since its the first meeting ! looking forward for the next meeting :)


Sari said...

well I have to thank you all for your sweet comments on behalf of reem. because she is now out of the country and unfortunately she doesn't have an internet access.

we wish i can join you togather next time.

MQabbani said...

it' was a nice gather glad to see you all there : )