Monday, December 04, 2006

Can't think to find a title.. so u name it.

Yes, you are right. It's 12:00 midnight. But I'm not up because I'm playing and dowloading songs. I have an ear infection.. and I have a fever, I'm trembling with cold putting on my heaviest winter jacket.

I wnat to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But I can't. So what to do? write a post! what a good reason!

This post is going to be boring! I can't concentrate, and I have nothing to say!

You know what? I'm gonna leave all the spelling mistakes, so you can know what state of mind I'm in at the moment! I feel ini 3am bahlwes min il skhooneh!

ok this irrelated bunch of words have to end, I can't control my fingers anymore..

I have a headache too. I hate illness.

Song of the post: Shu hal ayyam ili wsilnala - Ziad Rahbani! Please tell me what you think! you can find it on I tried to get you the exact link but the site is down! sorry.


The sky is my destination said...

salamtik sweety,have agood rest.Iknow all this becuase Sari is way.i see you tom i hope u will be better.

Qwaider قويدر said...

It's 2:32 :( and I'm still not a sleep either. I was out meeting something interesting! And I don't know what to tell you
Anyway, FakhrEddin was awesome, I had dinner there and the food was perfect!
What else? .... emmm .... well My brother inlaw bought a new car, and I was told that photgraphing the flag is "namnou3" by the police ... so there you go ... boring day ..
OH and I had a lecture from someone I'm not really sure I like right before I came home! Yallah ... just to show you it could be worse than what you're feeling!

Sari ya zalameh ...ta3al khodha oo rayy7na! :)

Sari said...

salmat 7abibtye

3ala kolen she will be here inshalah soon. fa ra7 2ry7ak ya man :)

Nada you have a avery nice blog. be sure i will be a daily visitor

Reemoo take more care of your self 7abibtye, dont get me worried about you

Qwaider قويدر said...

والله يا ساري قطّعت قلبي... الله يلم شملكم يا رب
انا قلت لريم في الميتنج.. انّي برأيي الممارسات و التأخير و التعطيل مخالف للأنسانية و لتعاليم الدين.
انا بتكلم من وحي تجربة اختي المريرة في ذات الموضوع. الله يعين كل مغترب... الله يعين كل بعيد... و يا رب نشوفكم مبسوطين و متهنيين زي ما الله قال

Reem said...

Nada: Thanks dear
Qwaider: I agree, Fakhreddin is a nice place with good food.. mabrouk the car, what flag is "namnou3" to photograph?? I didn't know that wojoodi mday2ak hal add :)
Sari, Fadd7tna :) Im beter now

Qwaider قويدر said...

شوفي يا ستّي انتي و ساري... و جودك مش مدايق اي حد... لكن وجودك مع ساري باشا اولى و ابدى .. و طز فينا كلنا احنا... اهم شي انتي و ساري
الله يهنّيكم يا رب

kinzi said...

Salamtik! I'll pray for you today, anti-virus prayers! :)

wael said...

Reem, I tagged you
check my website

7ala said...

Reem you have been tagged :

7ala said...

Looooool By the way I have just read Sari's comment now .. heheh ma azkah :)

Reem said...

hehe Shuftee ya 7ala il fdee7a!!

7ala said...

heheh no bel3aks la fdee7a wala shi ... ya binty khalleeh y7eb w yetghazzal la bukra , wallah enno wardeh:) allah ydeem 3alekom.

Mashallah,mashallah,mashallah, mashallah,mashallah,mashallah,
mashallah,mashallah,mashallah :-)

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