Monday, December 25, 2006

Get me a ticket from Amman to Riyadh & win a very nice DVD Player

Dear All,
Good morning, listen I have tried my best to get a booking from Amman to Riyadh but I couldn't, this is why am announcing a very nice prize to the person who can do it.

So I hope there will be someone that can help me in getting one ticket from Amman to Riyadh .

So the equation is simple. Find me a ticket ,Win a DVD player and show everyone how much you are connected, & by the way here is the information you might need to do so

Sari M. Traih
Dep. Amman Dest. Riyadh
Date 5/1/2007

Or you can do it if you can find me something in 6/1/2007 but in the morning
Anyway thank you in advance for the effort, I wish I could give each one of you a DVD player.



Samir said...

dude, did you try travel agents?

going to RJ or Saudia usually gets you nowhere.. but travel agents can keep at it, and they have their ways!

I go to Champions is shmesani, the guy there got me a an amman/chicago, in high season, wiht very short notice!

if you offer him the dvd player, he'll get you 5 tickets if u want!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Yeee! :( ... I wish I can help

Averroes said...

expedia? traveloity? orbitz?
try those..not sure if they work in Jordan though..but u can do for available flights on one of them..print..take it to a travel agent and tell them to book that flight for you.

fida said...

Can it be through dubai?! w bil marra bitjeebilna el DVD ma3ak! ;)

Hani said...

I gave you my suggestion over the phone, it will workout inshallah... and bring me the DVD player :p

Sari said...

Dear all thank you for your help

Samir thank you for the advice will am doing my best i hope it will work.

Qwaider man ofcourse you can help , just post my post in your page and you will be surprised of the answers you will get :)

Averroes i will try them and i will let you know if i found anything

Fida ah very smart, but the travel will be for two days, i prefer the bus , but anyway try it and i will be more than happy to get you the DVD

hani , man i like the way you follow up on your accounts, you must work in sales man , well Hani suggest something through Bahrain this is to save the copy right for him

Thank you and i will promise you that i will keep traking your answers ,

We still have time, Tick tick tick tick

Moey said...

try thru