Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Farewell 2006: A look back

This year is coming to an end. The final count down started already. 10 days to go. And I think it's about time we stop, look back at our year, what achievements we made, what dreams we realized, what mistakes we committed..
Let's go back to this time last year; are we standing in a better position now? Did we walk any step ahead towards our goal?

My year was the best in my life.. Well, until 16 September! Afterwards the curve started going down…
Fatafeet Essukar has started a very nice tag.. Things you did for the first time in 2006. Actually I was thinking about writing an article about the same topic. About things I did for the first time in my life, things I didn't like. Things I liked.. So here we start!!

Things I did for the first time:

1- Of course, as you all know, I got married!! For the first time, and for the last time Inshalla!!
2- Visited Egypt 3 times. Cairo for the first time in January, then Shram Al – Sheikh for the first time in March, then Cairo again in November – I love Cairo, but I'm not a fan of Shram al sheikh.
3- Visited the other side of the world – Malaysia. That was a lifetime trip! Really the best ever in my life! Well, the company counts as well :)
4- Had a cat in my house! Well, I never liked cats before! So the change is something to document!
5- What is more important than having the cat in my house! Is having my own house in the first place!!
6- And ofcourse, started blogging!

Unpleasant events:

1- My uncle passed away.
2- Sari Had to leave to KSA!! And So having to spend Ramdan and both Eids alone!
3- Work! Things have not been going as I wished!
4- My brother Ghaith was unable to attend my wedding.. Couldn’t get his papers done to come from the US! I hate paperwork.

Pleasant Events:

1- My beloved sister Abeer, who lives in Dubai came twice: once for my wedding, and the other will be Inshalla for Eid Al Adha – This is what makes me really excited about the upcoming couple of weeks, she arrives Friday.
2- My sister in law gave birth to lovely Lamees. So I became a "3amto" for the second time! (Not that any of my nephews or nieces acknowledge me being their "3amto" or "Khalto", I'm just Reem for them, what is worse is that they really feel I'm about their age!!)

I Can't think of anything else at the moment.. I hope you all have a prosperous year ahead!

Song of the post: Rdyly – Wae'l Jassar. I'm sorry I couldn't get you the link. I'm at work and tarab is not allowed!

Merry Christmas, Happy eid and Happy new year for all.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Happy new year, may the new year be even better for you and Sari, and may you fill it with awesome blog posts

Ora said...

Belated congrats on your wedding...
I LOVE the idea of having a co-blog between you and your husband...
Have a happy new year's eve, and a wonderful year to follow