Tuesday, May 23, 2006

3areesena Zeen il Shabab!

Yesterday was an important day! At least in the schedule of our "To do" list that seems to be endless as the wedding day is approaching!!!!

Here is the important news!

Sari bought the wedding suit!!! A Tuxedo of course!!!

He looks so handsome in that suit!! I really regret not having the camera to take some photos of it!! This teaches me a lesson. I will always carry the camera with me so I would be able to take photos and share them on the blog!

And while we were in the shop, just about to pay for the suit and leave, I started to look around, and ofcourse found million of nice stuff for Sari to buy! And I ended up convincing him that he needs this and that, and he ended up buying a bunch of trousers and shirts!! I think he hates me for that!!

I have a question: Why don't you guys like to buy clothes? Who is overdoing it exactly? Are we overdoing our "Obssession" to buy clothes? Or you guys are overdoing not caring enough about it?

Mabroooook Ya 3areeeees!


Sari said...

Mabrook Ya 3arees
Thank you Reeemo for helping me in buying the suit, it was really very sweet.
Of course I have to avoid your question :):) because in my case it has to do with my roots, I mean you know that all Na3aneh male citizens has something to do with shopping :(
Anyway I guess yesterday I was doing just fine; and again thank you for your help 7abibtye

Reem said...

Well, I have to agree it has to do with roots! Yeterday I was sitting with my mum and sister in law (My brother's wife) And all the three of us were complaining of how our spouses never buy clothes, and even if we buy them anything, it takes them two months in average to just try it and make sure it fits!

For those how don't know, Sari is my third cousin. So we are from the same village and he has the very same mentality of my father and brother!

Lara said...

Sari...... lissa badal 3ind mawqifi ........SANFER B 7AYATAK!! :p it's not late u can do it :)

Mabrouk man

Reem said...

Lara, what is it exactly between you and me? you are supposed to be MY FREIND!
I think you are just too jealous!! :)