Wednesday, May 24, 2006

42 Days left!

This is my Dad's way of calculating days, crossing out today and the day of the wedding, there are only 42 days left.

My feelings are confused about it; I feel it's still too far because I can't wait till it comes. But when I use my brains (which I rarely do :)) I panic as there isn't really much time left, especially when I think about the things I have to do before the 6th of July!!!

At the moment, I'm exploring the options for a honeymoon. I'm being a bit frustrated about it as prices are crazily expensive. But I didn’t give up yet, I will look for more options and find the perfect package. :)

The invitation cards are another thing! A friend of ours, actually he is Sari's brother in law, promised us to design something special for us. I am sure he will design something very nice and special. He is very talented! Ooh, you should know him guys! He is Wa'el Attili! After I get the design, I will have to find a print house to do the job for a good price!

Ok, I will stop listing as I will never finish, and there are so many thoughts I want to share here!!

Khalida and Naseem were triggered with the wedding seasons upcoming and had some thoughts to share! I agree with the Naseem about the "middle class syndrome", I agree as well with Khalida that SOME people, but not all, overdo it in weddings.

But hey, I seem to be a bit more optimistic about the whole issue. I think I have to be since I am getting married in 42 days! I don’t think things are as bad as we think they are or as they seem to be. I don’t blame any bride who is looking forward to her wedding day and wishing to make it the most beautiful and memorable ever, even if it's going to cost a bit morem it's once in a lifetime! I want this. I want to hold a very nice party, I want to wear the white dreamy dress I want to dance till the morning and I want firewroks!!! But this would not necessarily cost us 30k! I agree that some ladies or families overdo it. But I know that many others don’t. I don’t think any mature lady would make her fiancĂ© / husband-to-be pay 10k for the wedding ceremony while he cannot afford it! They just make the best out of their resources and plan the most important day of their lives to be just as they have been dreaming of ever since they were 5 years old!

We can have different point of views of what makes your day the best, Amr Diab or just a small family dinner. But the bottom line here is: This is your day! Make the best out of it!

But you know what gets on my nerve in the wedding party? The list of invitees. My family has the list they want to invite, and when I look at it, I feel unhappy. More then one third of the list are people I haven't seen for the past 2 years, and wouldn’t see ever after I get married or people I don’t care about and their presence won't mean anything to me! Why do I have to invite some relatives or acquaintances that I hate to see, and I know for fact they hate me? Why do I have to have them ruin my wedding? Why do I have to invite people who will come to my wedding, sit there criticizing my dress, my make-up and the food??

The problem here is that you will always have number obligations. So I ended up crossing out some friends of ours that we would love to have for some people I don’t want to see at my wedding! And why is all that? It's the "wajib". They invited us. They are your relatives etc…

I remember here one of Lina's posts:
"I’ve learned something, and I’m making it a point to implement it in my life.
Stop doing things because you have to. Stop going to gatherings just to fulfill social obligations. Stop the needless ‘mujamaleh’ and pleasantries, stop putting
on masks and faking politeness."

I can't agree more Lina!!

Other than this, I am so excited about my wedding!!


Sari said...

Good evening Reemo;
It's seriously a very nice post; I hope I can attach it to my weeding cards; so people can at least respect there invitations; and yes I agree with you and Lina to a certain extent.
Furthermore thank you 3moo Seluiman for the brilliant calculation algorithm. I guess Reemo can now easily see why N3aneeh Males are distinguished :), even in calculus.

Thank you Reeemoo

Seema said...

Reem and Sari,

Wishing you both all the best of luck! You both deserve all happiness and joy!!

Be GOOD! ;) and you both know what i mean!!


Lara said...

7iluuuuuuuuuu you're quoting now things from lina, so7bitek ma3 hal binit ra7 tikhrib baitek. I have to come back to Amman ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting engaged in ten days time,that is i am engaged but my engagement party is scheduled for the coming week, and nothing pisses me off as much as looking at the list of invitees.
I agree completely and whole-heartedly on this point, i mean why am i inviting close to 50% strangers to my party? just because it's (3aib)??
we need to start changing our society because the principle of 3aib right now costs nearly as much as the kitchen in our new apartment.
I must find a better way by the time the wedding gets here!!! :)
Great that you're thinking out of the box, we're the start of the revolution against useless wedding obligations.
I enjoy reading your blog it's good to know that there are other people out there going through what me and my fiance are going through!
Good Luck!!