Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to writing, with a Thank-You note

Writing used to be a hobby of mine. I am saying "used to be" because it has been ages since I last wrote a word. It has been probably three years now! At some time in my life I used to keep diaries, I remember that I used to write when I felt bad, or when I had any feeling I need to express.

Why did I stop? I don’t know. I even feel I lost the talent of writing, that is if I had one in the first place! I think I wasn't too bad, I always used to get the best marks for that boring part of English and Arabic lessons: Composition!

So!! What am I trying to say?

Ok, I wanted to say that I decided to start writing again. I am not sure how good I am going to be, or if I would actually keep up with this! But the important thing I would like to share here is:

Thanks Lina!!

I think all bloggers know Lina very well. And I was lucky to be her colleague!
She inspires me too much, and I have to admit that this is all her influence on me. I honestly have to say that I can't remember I was ever this strongly affected by anyone.

Cheers my friend!

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Anonymous said...

Hiiiiiii to all
realy it is very nice,i donot read it all , but i made scanning for all contenet,and wanna to say it is great for SARI &REEm or it will be more right (SaReem)
and i will to you life with love and succes.
Ruba Jaser